Meet Sarah

We spoke to Sarah, our Community Development Support apprentice, to see how she's finding her first month at Homes for Lambeth and what she expects to achieve in her role.

What attracted you this apprenticeship?

I have worked with young people for most of my working life, so focusing on Community Development was very appealing to me. Working across a wider age range will enable to me to develop new skills too.

Tell us about your team and role.

My team is the Resident Engagement and Social Investment Team (RESI). I work in Social Investment, where I focus on wellbeing activities. My role includes working with the community and producing activities that will promote wellbeing in several ways. For example, digital projects that will support online use at home, and chair yoga which is linked up with users on the phone.

What made you choose Homes for Lambeth?

As I researched the role, I found Homes for Lambeth to be an organisation that is passionate about changing lives for the better. Now that I am here, I see it in every one of my new colleagues.

What has been the most challenging thing so far?

Having not met my colleagues in person yet. Covid-19 has presented many challenges, but I never thought I would be starting a new chapter behind a laptop screen!

Why was an apprenticeship the right path for you?

I have an opportunity to work and study an area that has huge interest to me.

Why should someone consider an apprenticeship at HFL?

You will be doing a real job straight away and are expected to contribute to a professional standard. Homes for Lambeth are a very people-focused organisation that care about our welfare, learning and development.

What were you doing before your apprenticeship?

I worked on youth programmes. The most recent one closed and resulted in redundancy for me, so this is a brilliant opportunity to start again.

Where would you like to be in the future?

I would like to coordinate meaningful and outstanding events that successfully link communities with the arts and opportunities. This is a new road for me, and I cannot wait to see where it leads.

How did you find your apprenticeship?

I found my apprenticeship on the UK Government apprenticeship website after attending an online seminar about housing.