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Roman Rise update

Following the government advice, we have suspended all face-to-face interaction with residents. We have explored options on how we could go forward with the consultation on Roman Rise and the decision to proceed with this period of engagement on much needed better homes for current Central Hill residents and new homes for those waiting on the council housing list was not taken lightly.

We know people are concerned about the current situation. However, we need to keep normal life continuing as much as possible, particularly given that when we come through this period people will still require new and better homes. We are therefore intending to move forward with our plans to ensure that we can contribute to the economic recovery in Lambeth, creating jobs and opportunities for our residents and new council-level rent homes that are vitally needed.

We aim to canvas the feedback of as many residents as possible and make taking part as easy and stress-free as possible. Residents will have the opportunity to provide their comments on our proposals via the following routes:

  • Calling a free phone number
  • Write in with their comments 
  • Attending several online engagement events
  • Completing an online survey
  • Emailing in comments

We know that some residents on Central Hill do not have full internet access, so a letter has been sent out that gives a freephone number - 0800 458 6976 and a postal address. Any resident seeking additional information can ring the number and request this. Also, after the initial online engagement events, we will send out an additional mailshot to give feedback on the comments received and remind residents of the various routes for them to provide feedback. If and when circumstances change, we intend to hold a public exhibition that will enable residents to make comments that will be added to the planning file for consideration by officers and members.

Furthermore, before the submission of the planning application to Lambeth's Planning Department, we will provide an update on the results of the engagement and how residents comments have influenced the design proposals of the application now and going forward. The residents will have a further opportunity to provide a consultation response to Lambeth's Planning Department during the Statutory Consultee period post planning submission. 

We will also track responses to ensure that those who have taken part are representative and will act accordingly. We would encourage all residents on Central Hill to both to take part in this period of engagement and use their networks to encourage other residents to do so as well.

You can find out more about our proposals for Roman Rise on the specific engagement site which has been set up for this.