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Progress towards more and better homes

View of Somerleyton Passage with community hub and shop on the ground floors

In Lambeth there are over 21,000 people on our housing waiting list, 1,800 families in temporary accommodation and 1,300 families living in severely overcrowded conditions. 

Also, the number of new social rented homes being built in the borough have fallen dramatically. 

However, Lambeth is tackling this challenge head-on, with a commitment to build 1,000 new homes at council-rent levels by 2019 and facilitate the building another 1,500 homes a year to 2025 - And we are already seeing progress towards these goals.

Four Lambeth estates have been regenerated (Clapham Park, Loughborough Park, Myattsfield, and Stockwell Park) and these will provide, in total, a net gain of 73 homes for social rent – that is, 73 additional social-rent homes over and above those that have been demolished and replaced as part of the regeneration schemes.

The redevelopment of Somerleyton Road will provide 304 homes for rent - over 120 of them at council-rent levels.

Proposals for three estates in the Estate Regeneration programme approved by the Cabinet so far include proposals for a total of almost 500 extra homes, 60% of which will be additional council-rent homes. The redevelopment of South Lambeth will deliver a minimum of 220 additional new homes, including around 100 additional homes for council rent; the plans for Westbury include at least 230 additional homes of which it is predicted that more than 150 will be available for council rent; and the partial redevelopment of Knight's Walk is expected to provide at least 25 additional new homes at council rent.

To build these much needed homes the Council is setting up “Homes for Lambeth”, a 100% council-owned company to enable the council to access private finance and it will allow the Council to build homes for council rent, intermediate rent and private rent, all with long tenancies and rent stability. Also, with the council acting as a commercial developer through Homes for Lambeth, the Council can use the 15-20% development surplus that private developers normally make and reinvest this into our communities and build more homes for local people.

More remains to be done, but the Council is making progress towards its goals of providing more and better homes for the people of Lambeth.