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PPCR to hold Key Guarentee Workshops

Your Independent Advisors PPCR will shortly be holding consultation workshops on the Key Guarantees offered by the council as part of the regeneration programme. Within these workshops you will also take a look at the draft tenancies and/or leases under Homes for Lambeth.   

These workshops will be your opportunity to ask questions and to clarify any points which are unclear to you. From the feedback received, we will develop a list of questions for independent lawyers to provide legal advice. This anonymous feedback will also be provided to the council. They will then have an opportunity to respond to your feedback and outline how it intends to use the information to improve both documents.

It is important that you speak to someone about how changes to your tenancy or lease affect you as a resident.

Below is a table of workshops that PPCR will be holding. You should have received a letter inviting you to attend the relevant session for your block and tenure (whether you are a tenant or homeowner). Please ensure you attend the relevant session for you as the Key Guarantees and legal documents (draft tenancies or leases) will be different.

Leaseholder Workshops


Tenant Workshops


If you have any questions, please call us on Freephone 0800 317 066 and ask for Helen or Abraham, or email us at [email protected]

Abraham Nomafo

PPCR Director