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Knights Walk

Knight’s Walk is part of the Cotton Gardens estate in Kennington, next to the famous ‘dancing towers’ by George Finch.  It’s a peaceful, leafy neighbourhood, and our plans aim to keep this character while improving the outside areas and adding to the number of homes. 

A CGI of how the proposed new Knights Walk estate would look towards Renfrew Road

Designed by award-winning architects Mae, in close consultation with local residents, two new blocks of modern and energy efficient apartments have received planning permission.  These will adjoin the existing ‘Section House’ at a similar height, overlooking an improved Knight’s Walk pedestrian walkway with luscious planting.   

In total, 84 new homes will be built in two phases, replacing 18 of the existing patio houses, and integrating with the remaining 15 of these low-rise homes.  All 14 of the current secure tenants will move into new council-level rented homes, and there will be a further 25 affordable homes, including 13 new homes for people on the council’s housing list.  There are also plans for a community space for all residents to use for clubs, meetings, events and socialising. 

Phase 1 

Replacing the existing garages, the first phase of this scheme is a small, stepped 5 storey block on Renfrew Road.  Starting on site in spring 2019, it will deliver 16 new homes at council-level rent for existing residents to move into in 2021. 

Phase 2 

Phase 2 will involve replacing selected low-rise patio houses and one apartment block, allowing us to build an additional 68 homes, a mix of council-level rent, affordable and open market. 


The Westbury estate, located on Wandsworth Road near Wandsworth Road station, will be rebuilt to create a better place for existing and new residents. 

Westbury estate CGI

Designed by award-winning architects Metropolitan Workshop, in close consultation with local residents, the plans introduce two new, safe routes through the estate, better connecting it to the surrounding area and Heathbrook Park.  There will be more usable green space within the estate, and buildings will be in keeping with the handsome local architecture.  All homes will be modern with practical storage and low running costs. 

The overall programme for Westbury will provide 334 new homes, delivered across three phases.  38 of the new homes will be for existing council tenants and a further 77 new homes for people on the council’s housing list, with a minimum of 153 new affordable homes being built overall. 

Phase 1:

St James is delivering 64 new homes at council-level rent on two sites on Wandsworth Road.  Planning permission has been granted and work is due to start in summer 2018, so existing residents will have new homes to move into in 2020, before Phase 2 begins. 

Phase 2: 

The main estate redevelopment takes place in Phase 2, with some low-rise buildings being replaced and the landscaping revitalised.  Outline planning permission has been granted for 270 new homes, of which 89 will be affordable, incorporating 46 at council-level rent.  The work will start late on in 2020 and homes will be delivered in stages from 2022 onwards.


South Lambeth

South Lambeth estate is located between Stockwell and Oval tube stations.  It was originally built in the 1960s, with the Corbusier-inspired Wimborne House rising over the rest of the estate. 

CGI of the proposed new South Lambeth estate

Homes for Lambeth are adding new and better homes to South Lambeth estate, improving Wimborne House and replacing some of the older, less efficient blocks.  Architects Pollard Thomas Edwards have worked closely with residents to create a masterplan that will deliver the right homes and encourage a neighbourly estate.  It will feel safer and better connected to the surrounding area and have more usable shared outdoor space.   

There will be 362 new homes altogether, a mix of apartments, maisonettes and a small number of mews houses, which will be designed to look good and be more efficient to run.  This includes 51 brand new replacement homes for secure tenants already living on the estate and 34 new homes for people on the council’s housing list. 

Phase 1 

The first phase of the plans for South Lambeth estate involves improvements to the ground floor of Wimbourne House including a new community room.  There will also be a new block built on Dorset Road, parallel to Wimborne House, with a mix of flats and maisonettes, a shared roof garden and improved outside courtyard area between the two buildings.  Starting on site in spring 2019, it will deliver 30 new affordable homes including 18 at council-level rent for existing secure tenants to move into in early 2021. 

Phases 2 and 3 

Phase 2 will involve replacing the existing low-rise blocks, allowing us to build an additional 332 homes once detailed planning permission has been achieved. 

Lollard Street

Our Lollard St scheme is within the existing Ethelred estate in Kenningtonlocated on the corner of Lollard St and Kennington Road, between the three ‘Point towers (Elkington, Brittany and Ward).

A CGI of Lollard Street, including the planned new Elthelred Nursery and Children's Centre

We had the opportunity to enhance the areaimproving the routes through the development and providing outdoor spaces to play and relax.   

Architectural practice Darling Associates has designed a new community nursery, outdoor play area and 70 homes at council-level rent, with 12 one and two bedroom apartments, and 7 four bedroom townhouses, available on the open market.  The new residents move in later in 2018making them the first Homes for Lambeth tenants.

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