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Our guarantees to you

Lambeth is committed to rebuilding a number of its estates to provide the better homes existing residents need, and more new homes to help tackle Lambeth’s housing crisis. But no one at Lambeth Council underestimates the potential distress that rebuilding an estate could cause to the people living there.

To address this as much as possible, we want to give you all the information and support that you need to make the best choice for you and your family's future. The Key Guarantees are a core part of this. They mean that: 

  • Every council tenant will be able to move to a brand-new home at council level rent  
  • Affordable options will be provided to assist resident homeowners to stay on the estate    
  • All secure tenants and homeowners will have the right to be involved in shaping the masterplan for each new estate 

You can read the full Key Guarantees here

In putting the Key Guarantees together, the council sought advice from the respected tenant engagement organisation TPAS. This was to ensure that what is being provided compares favourably with what other councils are offering in similar situations. We also listened to your views and concerns and have improved the guarantees based on this feedback.  

As a result, we are confident that our legal offer is among the best provided by local authorities. If you have a question about what the Key Guarantees mean for you please get in touch with your local estate team.