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Newsletter Knight's Walk 31

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 31 for Knight's Walk and you can download a copy here


Residents met Homes for Lambeth’s new Development Director, Jason Emile. Jason is one of the new Homes for Lambeth Senior Management Team. Jason answered questions from residents and addressed their concerns about the construction due to start in a few months. Jason reassured residents that his experience means the delivery of this project will be managed to the very highest levels of quality control.

Screenshot_2019-03-06_at_20.19.58.pngJason Emile - Development Director

Jason also introduced the new Homes for Lambeth Resident Engagement structure. The structure includes three Resident Engagement Officers who will each work across two Regeneration estates. He confirmed that Keith Richmond will remain the first point of contact for Knight’s Walk. A major benefit of the new team is that the activities established by ‘make:good’ last year will continue. See below for free events in March.


We’re a company wholly owned by Lambeth Council, here to build more and better homes for Lambeth. This creates strong, sustainable communities, and maximise numbers of homes at council level rent. The council will take important decisions as our owner, and the Cabinet has set up the Ownership and Stewardship Panel to monitor what Homes for Lambeth does. Our business plan for 2019/20 has been published and is available for residents to read at:


Alternatively, a copy is in your engagement hub to read.


The Lollard Street development in Kennington is set to make a significant contribution to Lambeth’s efforts to tackle the housing crisis. The scheme includes 70 new homes at council-level rent which will be managed by Homes for Lambeth.

Picture_C.jpgLiving room in one of the new homes

The homes are nearing completion with residents due to move in during March. Homes for Lambeth will be looking to arrange visits to Lollard Street soon after the first residents move in. Look out for more news on this in future newsletters.


The arrangements for disposing of household rubbish are changing because your existing bin store will be demolished as part of the first stage of building new and better homes for Knight’s Walk. Installation of the temporary bin store enclosures is now complete. Please be aware of some important information:

  1. The new bin-stores are ONLY for the use of 1-33 Knight’s Walk, and
    numbers 1-3 Kempsford Road
  2. New bin enclosures in two locations each house three bin stores: one for
    recycling and two for other household rubbish. You should normally use
    the bin store nearest to your home.
  3. Please under no circumstances use the old Bin Store area for disposal
    of rubbish.

The Refuse team should by now have written to residents who are to use the bins but please get in touch with Keith Richmond at [email protected] if you have not yet received a letter or have any questions.


The works to renew the gas supply pipes at Knight’s Walk, and parts of Renfrew Road started on 11 February. The work will take approximately seven weeks and will be done in stages starting from Kempsford Road/Renfrew Road. As each section is laid the surface will be tarmacked before moving on to the next section. Only at the very end of the work (around 25 March 2019) will there be a need to shut off the gas supply briefly.

This is so that the supply may be routed to the new pipework. Residents will each be informed when this will take place and when their preferred gas supplier will need to make the final connection to their home. There are drop-in sessions with Independent Advisors on Monday evenings from 4-6pm. If you have any questions about this, please contact Keith Richmond on 020 792 62762 or 07720 829083 Email: [email protected]


Tenders from three contractors were assessed in terms of cost and quality in December 2018. Resident representatives reviewed and scored each contractor’s response to the resident engagement question, and these scores formed part of the contractor assessment.

The successful Tender was from the house builder Hill & Co and a contract between them and Homes for Lambeth should be in place in March 2019. Works will start on site from around April 2019, with mobilisation (gearing up sub-contractors to start), enabling (erecting site hoarding and welfare facilities etc.) and demolition all taking place before a full start on site around July 2019. Residents will have the opportunity to meet the selected contractor before the main works start. In advance of this work, Homes for Lambeth is completing gas diversion work, which started on 11 February. See below: