Meet Peter

What is your role with Homes for Lambeth?

I am Head of Commercial, leading the team that delivers on contracts, procurement and assured shorthold tenancies. Working closely with the development, delivery and employability team, my day to day role involves liaising with all departments to ensure our contracts deliver value for money. We also work with our contractors to deliver on our 25% local labour commitment and fulfil our aim to build thriving communities and better futures for our residents.

What did you do before you joined Homes for Lambeth? 

I have worked for some of the largest housing developers such as Crest Nicholson, Barratt London and Eco-World. Working as a Commercial Manager, my team delivered on a regeneration scheme which was one of the biggest in Europe at the time and involved building 2,000 new homes.

Why did you join Homes for Lambeth?

I was excited by the idea of working for a housing delivery company wholly-owned by a local council – I feel it gives us a closer first-hand experience of what Lambeth residents require for better homes.  It was also an excellent opportunity to contribute to the work being done to tackle the housing crisis and deliver for the families on the council's housing waiting list.

What do you hope to achieve while working for Homes for Lambeth?

Seeing the homes I've worked on for the last two years come to fruition.  We have several sites that start construction this year, and I'd like to see our residents move into their new homes.

What's the best thing about working for Homes for Lambeth?

One day is never the same as the previous – one day, I could be signing off on tender packs, and the next, I could be in a meeting about opportunities for our residents in the industry. I also get to work with a dedicated team which keeps me going.

How are you coping with the lockdown?

I have focused on the things that really matter at this point - ensuring my children and family are safe and well, as well as lots of homeschooling! I know lockdown has made me more reflective and grateful for the things that matter in life. I also long to see Spurs playing on Saturday afternoon.