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Meet Wendy - Our Social Investment Programme Coordinator

What a typical day at Homes for Lambeth is like for me

My role focuses on health and wellbeing for our residents. This includes a variety of tasks, so a typical day for me can include working on our digital lending scheme, helping to resolve wellbeing issues and talking to local organisations about joint projects we’d like to offer.

What brought me to this position at Homes for Lambeth

I was inspired to work in the housing sector after becoming a resident in social housing. I have worked across different areas including homelessness and housing management; I’m so passionate about community development because housing is never just about bricks and mortar. I love seeing the real and lasting difference that residents, communities, and organisations can make when they work together.

What I’m most proud of professionally

There are so many inspiring groups and individuals that I have worked with in the past. My top two proudest moments are:

  • IT in sheltered housing project which raised £67,000 in funding, produced a national good practice guide and taught IT skills to 100 residents’ staff and carers in sheltered housing.
  • Supporting residents to set up a community group to tackle local issues. This had some fantastic outcomes which included funding for youth workers, a homework club, a community flat, a reduction in youth crime by 60% and 15/16 items met from a list of resident’s priorities.

Something interesting about me

I learnt to kayak as a youngster and started again a few years ago (It’s just a bit more difficult getting in and out of the boat these days!). I also love spending time with my family, and we often travel together, most recently to Yorkshire.

I have also completed two degrees as a mature student and more recently I have been learning photography. It is never too late to learn something new, so if you are interested in trying something new or returning to education but are not sure where to start, please get in touch.