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Meet Robert - Our Senior Design Manager

What a typical day at Homes for Lambeth is like for me

My role is to be the ‘design gatekeeper’ for Homes for Lambeth, ensuring design decisions are made within our standards and deliver the best value for our residents.

I also support some teams with design and construction issues. This includes maintaining and updating our Employers Requirements which cover every aspect of design and construction.

What you can ask me about

Charles Rennie Mackintosh the Scottish Architect, Designer and watercolourist who was strongly associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, and who became the main exponent of Art Nouveau in Scotland.

I fell in love with his work in the late 70s and discovered later that I was born in the house next door to his only non-Scottish completed building. I also arrived in Glasgow on the very day his School of Art infamously burnt down. His work inspires my passion for all things design.

What brought me to this position at Homes for Lambeth

I spent most of my adult life living in social housing. Being at Homes for Lambeth combines my professional experience working as an Architect and later, a Technical manager for Berkeley Homes. I’ve worked in the sector since 1978.

My belief in the importance of providing high quality housing to all tenures and especially the public sector drives me in this industry. I love seeing the completion of high quality homes that make people’s lives more comfortable and safe whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Something interesting about me

I hate vinegar but love pickled onions. I have written 6 Pantomimes and a Murder Mystery, and I own a huge collection of retro computer games. During lockdown, I regularly sang solo in a West End Church.