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Meet Mya - Our Document Controller and Information Manager

What a typical day at HFL is like for me

As a Document Controller and Information Manager, my responsibilities can vary day-to-day. I oversee projects throughout various stages, including planning, tendering and completion. My duties include managing the project system documentation, filing system, updates, induction, training & QA standards throughout its delivery lifecycle from pre-construction through to timely handover.

What I’m most proud of professionally

I was nominated as part of Aim High Leadership Champions for Team Charter/Values and Behaviours in HS2 Phase 1 Central. I am also proud of my academic achievements, and I am currently working on obtaining a masters degree in Project Management and Project Planning.

What I’d like to achieve in my role

As much as Project Planning and Management matters a lot to me and is my ultimate long term goal, the one thing I value the most and would like to achieve at HFL is Human Capital Development. I would like to train more people to be more efficient in the discharge of their duties as Project Management/Planners and developers.

Something interesting about me

I’m actively involved in charity work at my local church and community, where I provide mentoring and counselling for the younger children and teenagers who face similar challenges that I encountered when growing up. I can proudly say that the changes I have seen within the group have been humbling and encouraging.