Meet Meena

My name is Meena Ikomi, and I am the new Communications Apprentice at Homes for Lambeth. My role includes drafting up news stories, working on the websites, creating graphics and much more. No two days are ever the same.

For the past few years, I have been focusing on digital marketing, communications, and media, as these are areas that I have found interesting. I feel my skill set, with experience, could thrive in this industry.

I also have a fascination for films and music in foreign languages. Having grown up in a very diverse area surrounded by culture, I am always looking for something new and intriguing. Although I cannot do this right now due to COVID-19, I love travelling and meeting people. Having conversations and debates is a passion of mine. My interests vary from fashion to photography to music to history and much more.

I am very proud to have secured this role as it was my first professional interview, other than college admissions. After hearing about the opportunity through a family friend, I attended the CV and interview workshop.  This helped with my confidence and in understanding how I could best prepare for the interview.

Having had no past experience in the business world, the hosts taught me how to spot and emphasize my transferable skills from any past experiences I have had. It gave me a sense of clarity as most of the information online is quite general and can be challenging to apply in your real-life experiences.

Attending the Virtual Job Workshop massively boosted my confidence in preparation for my apprenticeship interviews. The hosts made me feel very comfortable and ready for the upcoming days. I would say having taken part in this discussion really attributed to why I eventually got the role. It aided me in preparation and feeling assured on the day. This workshop gave me a better understanding of what kind of company I could potentially be working at and what the staff are like. The hosts answered any questions we had. Overall, I am thankful for having had the chance to take part in this workshop prior to the interview and for the hosts coordinating it so graciously.

The first week in my new role was super busy, there was a ton of information to take in, but the staff did a fantastic job making us feel welcome and comfortable. Since we are in lockdown, we were all adjusting to home-working, but the company ensures there are consistent ways in which we can all get to know each other such as games or coffee mornings. Having eight other apprentices who can relate to your new experience is great. Everyone gets along well.

Once the apprenticeship is complete, I aim to have learned the inner workings of businesses like Homes for Lambeth and understand I can thrive in the working world. I also expect to have a further understanding of communications and digital marketing in a company.