Meet Andreia

What motivated you to choose this opportunity in Employability?

I have a strong interest in community development, recruitment and learning/training and development since I was involved in the research and programming of Professional Citizenship at university.

What made you choose to work at Homes for Lambeth?

I chose to work for for Lambeth as I feel my values align with the organisation and I was impressed to learn that the community was at the heart of what they do, and I it is!

Tell us about your team and role

I work within the Employability team which sits within RESI. My role involves virtual events such as Apprenticeship week, Half term and Careers week.

I have also organised a confidence-building workshop and the taster day programme.

What does an average day look like for you at Homes for Lambeth?

An average day looks like attending between 1-3 meetings to discuss plans for events, activities and working with our stakeholders and partner organisations to make it happen.

What are the top 3 things you have enjoyed since you started your apprenticeship?

Meeting other apprentices and staff members – everybody has been very welcoming. I genuinely feel a part of a family. I also like that my workshop and Professional Citizenship project ideas have been received positively and encouraged by my team and other staff members. I enjoy the fact that there are days where everybody gets together and plays games such as bingo.  

What has been the most challenging thing so far?

The most challenging thing has been making sure I understand the training delivered online and following the steps.   

Why was an apprenticeship the right path for you?

I felt like an apprenticeship would provide the necessary training to work within my area of interest – HR, recruitment and employability.

Why should someone consider an apprenticeship at Homes for Lambeth?

Someone should consider an apprenticeship at Homes for Lambeth if they want to work and learn within their area of interest and in a supportive environment. ­­This all allows you to excel professionally, whilst contributing to the community.

What were you doing before your apprenticeship at Homes for Lambeth?

Before my apprenticeship, I was studying and working part-time at my university.

What are your future aspirations within your career?

I initially applied for the HR apprenticeship programme and saw a future in HR. However, I think this is the right opportunity for me now as it makes the most of my studies and allows me to learn new skills project and event management. 

How did you find the apprenticeship opportunities?

I found the opportunity online - I applied straight away, and I’m very happy I did!