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Learning new skills for the digital world

In an increasingly digital world, it can be daunting accessing online services if you are not confident in using a computer.

As an organisation, Homes for Lambeth is committed to enabling residents to get the most of life with skills, creativity and wellbeing activities.

Homes for Lambeth have teamed up with Clear Community Web to offer you a series of talks and presentations designed to help you feel more confident and informed about the internet. Over the course of the programme, we cover subjects such as your safety online, how to buy online, accessing services, getting better deals and knowing your rights.

Caspar Kennerdale, Managing Director of ClearCommunityWeb CIC says:

“Our talks and workshops are designed to help residents feel a little more confident in using the internet and to stay safe. With these foundations, they are better placed to access services, support and take advantage of the choices the internet can provide.”

Mark from our Fenwick estate says:

‘I’ve been really reassured by the support CCW have given me. I’ve always wanted to use my tablet and have learnt so many things. I never realised all the information you can access for free – like BBC iPlayer. There is so much learning material, and if you miss any, you can catch up. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about their phone or tablet – just come and have a go. It’s such a nice setup.’

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