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Lambeth Estate Book Exchanges

We have been working with residents to set up a small book exchange on two of the Lambeth projects; Knight’s Walk and Westbury Estate. Find our more here.

As we have been exploring mini libraries it has been really lovely to witness the power of books and stories to get people talking, share memories and take them to places around the world.

Inspired by the little libraries movements we have built our own versions and installed them to house books donated by residents. Little libraries have been springing up in the most unlikely of places to bringing an ethos of sharing onto our streets. You might be surprised to learn that it is estimated that there are over 12,000 little libraries worldwide!

IMG_20180518_150517.jpg   IMG_20180518_150522.jpg

We have our own stamps to record who donates the books and have been marking each book as it arrives; residents have been very generous lending books they think others will enjoy as well as books they want to pass on to make room on their bookshelves.



Residents, neighbours and people passing by are welcome to take a peek, borrow a book, keep a book or add their own books to them so we hope that you find something to pique your interest and can pass something on.

If you are interested in getting involved in our weekly activities then RSVP for our next sessions here.

Knight’s Walk RSVP here

Westbury Estate RSVP here