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Knights Walk Study Visit

Last week we took a group of Knight’s Walk residents on another study visit to look at the interior of a new 1 bedroom home.

This development is not a project by any of the Development Management Team, however following requests to see a comparable one bedroom home, Nataly from the Resident Engagement Team joined residents on this trip to get their feedback on what they did and did not like about the home in this new scheme near Elephant and Castle.

The size of this 1-bedroom home is comparable to the new homes which are being developed for Knight's Walk and residents were able to experience the size of the spaces which were similar to what they might expect from their new homes. The main difference with this home was the orientation and layout of the living room, which was in an L shape rather than rectangular due to the location of the flat within the building. Although the shape was slightly different, the floor area was equivalent to the size of the new living spaces on Knight's Walk and the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and balcony were all very similar sizes to the designs which are being developed by the architects. 

Overall, everyone was very happy with the size and feel of this 1 bedroom home and said it felt very bright, spacious and a nice space to be in. 

The key things that people liked were:

  • The location of the bedroom next to the bathroom 
  • The size of the bathroom, very spacious
  • Nice strong doors, including the entrance door and living room door. Good against fires and for safety.
  • Good sized kitchen with enough space to put a table and chair by the wall
  • Some people liked that the kitchen was open plan and looked onto the living room and balcony whilst others said they would prefer if there was a wall and a sturdy door to separate the kitchen. 
  • Nice balcony and very good size
  • Good amount of glass, bright but not too much
  • Enough space around the windows to hang a curtain or a blind
  • From the outside the light coloured brick is nice
  • Typical size of the lift is good and comfortable, easy to reach the flat
  • The lighting in the corridors leading to the entrance door was very good

Some people had queries about:

  • The cupboard which contained all of the machines and some mechanical boxes, people wanted to know what these were for and whether there would be the same on Knight's Walk
  • Some people expressed concerns about the material of the railing and whether it would rust in time

If you missed the study trip, you can see more pictures of the 1 bedroom home at No.15 every Thursday at Coffee and Cake between 3-5pm and these will also be shared in the monthly newsletter.