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Knights Walk REP June Meeting

Thank you to the Knight's Walk Resident Engagement Panel who welcomed member of the Development Management Team (DMT) along to their meeting to talk about taking Scenario 2D (partial demolition) into a detailed design stage and how we would like to work with residents.



At the last meeting it was agreed that the we would start writing a Residents' Brief for Knight's Walk. The DMT talked through the types of design features that residents will be able to influence, the things they will be able to choose and the things that are determined mainly be policy.  By putting all of these features against time we could begin to focus our conversations on the information the Architect's and other designers need from residents at this stage which includes:

  • The types of open space
  • Entrances to new homes and buildings
  • Connections to surrounding areas

Resident's then used photographs of entrances to homes, outside spaces and buildings to begin to talk about what they would or would not like to see on Knight's Walk and why.

To help the DMT to better understand the estate some resident's of Knight's Walk will be taking us on a walkabout of the estate on the 20th June and we hope as many residents as possible will join us so that we can get to know the area from your perspective. You can RSVP here or just meet us on Monday 20th June, 6pm, at the postbox on Kennington Lane.

Following the estate walkabout the Development Management Team will be at the next Resident Engagement Panel meeting on the 4th July to continue writing the Knight's Walk Residents' Brief. You can RSVP here.

We are aware that surrounding residents will have some important feedback on these these themes and we will be gathering feedback and thoughts at our first neighbours meeting on the 21st July, RSVP here.