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Knights Walk REP 04July Meeting

Last week Knight’s Walk Residents Engagement Panel welcomed members of the Development Management Team to their meeting to gather more ideas for the residents’ brief.

Architects Nick and Isabel, from Mae, used a model of Knight’s Walk and the surrounding area to start thinking about height and size of the new buildings. 

Key feedback we heard:

  • Keep higher buildings towards Kennington Lane;
  • Step back the buildings so that the edge along Knight’s Walk is not too high;
  • People want to make sure that remaining bungalows keep light and privacy in their gardens.

The Landscape Architect, Des, shared examples of types of open space.

Key feedback we heard:

  • Staggered building frontage could reduce the apparent length of the blocks along Knight’s Walk.
  • It is important that entrances to homes at street level have a small amount of private space between the public space and front doors. 
  • With an increase in number of homes, communal space for existing and new homes will be very important and needs to be designed to avoid conflict.
  • Having green space along public routes provides an important visual break. People liked the green, ‘softer’ example of gardens shown.

We know that there were lots of things to look at and comment on so we will be bringing all this information to the next council drop in on 19th July, 4 - 6pm, at Pedlars Acre Hall. RSVP here