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Knights Walk Newsletter 29

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 29 for Knight's Walk and it can be read HERE


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 29 for Knight's Walk and it can be read HERE.


Inside this issue:


Coming Up October-November 2018


Council Regeneration ‘Drop in’

Dates for the next Council Drop-in are Thursday the 1st, 15th, and 29th of November and will run from 3pm to 5pm. Come along with any questions you have, or even just for a natter –Tea and Coffee provided



Knight’s Walk Group Residents Association/Resident Engagement Panel (KWGRA/REP)

The next KWGRA/REP meeting will take place on Monday 12th November at N0 15 Knight’s Walk from 6pm.

The topics to be discussed are:


  1. ‘Future Topics’
  2. Procurement resident involvement
  3. Finding a Gas supplier
  4. Arrangements for Temporary Bins




Back by popular demand, local yoga instructor Claire will be running a second sit-down yoga session. Open to all ages and abilities - Please wear comfortable clothing.



Garden Museum Workshop

Come along to another visit to the Garden Museum by Lambeth Palace, where we will have the opportunity to make our very own hand cream – a great stocking filler for any gardener!


Gas supply works update

Because the bulk Gas Meter for Knight’s Walk is in the path of the redevelopment a new supply will need to be run before work starts to demolish the garages next spring. The supply will be temporary for residents moving to the new homes and permanent for those remaining.


Following site meetings with Squire Energy and receipt of a detailed programme of works it has been decided that the work should be taken into the main construction contract and take place immediately before demolition of the Garages in early Spring. This will very likely mean a mid-January start to the Gas supply work.

This decision was made so as to cause the least disruption to residents – especially over the Xmas holiday period since the planned November start, if overrun by just a week, would have meant works would not have been completed by Xmas and so run into the new year.

We will continue to update residents and let you know when the work will start. Also, just a reminder for those who do not currently have a gas supplier (ie NOT paying a separate Gas bill) that they will need to find one when the work starts. For residents whose homes will be demolished this will be temporary as there will not be gas in the new Homes.

Loraine from PPCR can offer assistance to support residents to find a supplier and help them make the changes.



Temporary Bin Store Update

Due to difficulties of fitting all of the ‘Metrostor’ bin enclosures into the proposed site in Kempsford Road ,a second location will also be used. 3 enclosures will now be placed in Kempsford Road and 3 at the opposite end of the estate near to Kennington Lane. Project Manager Keith Richmond told the KWGRA/REP meeting on 1st October that this would also mean that residents could choose which bins were most convenient for them – particularly when winter arrives with fewer daylight hours. Residents attending the meeting were happy for the council to go ahead with this plan. The work itself will cause very little disruption to residents and will take just a few days to complete at each location. The enclosures may be installed before xmas.



Development Team update: Contractor Procurement.

The North Block Phase 1 works were submitted to the shortlisted contractors for pricing in October and we are expecting prices and submissions back from each of them in early December 2018. As discussed at the October REP meeting, the quality question answered by the contractors relating to resident engagement will be reviewed and scored by REP members, with one resident (nominated by the REP) attending a moderation meeting to discuss and agree the final score with HfL and the DMT. This score will then be used as part of the overall scoring. The question is:

“ Please set out in the form of a presentation to be given to estate residents and Homes for Lambeth officers, how you will a) Manage neighbourhood liaison and minimise the disruption of works on this constrained site to residents b) communicate with the key stakeholders throughout the project”

This process will be further discussed and finalised at the next REP meeting in November. We intend to have selected a contractor by the end of January 2018.


Indicative Timeline


Timetable October - November


Activities at No.15: A visit from The Kennington Baker

This month we had an exciting visit from John, The Kennington Baker. Bags of flour and yeast in tow, John arrived at Knight’s Walk to give residents a home-baking taster workshop.

During the session, we were guided on how to make two types of bread: Breakfast Rolls and Spiced Buns. With John’s no-knead method, and a raising agent he’d prepared earlier, every resident found both recipes easy to make - before we knew it, everyone had 4 beautiful rounds of dough ready for the oven! Whilst we learnt that practice is surely key to bread making, residents enjoyed getting their hands sticky, stretching, pulling and shaping the dough.

John spoke about the ingredients he uses - always organic and local where possible. If you’re interested in trying his recipes you can find recipe cards in No.15, and ingredients at John’s favourite shops in the box to the right...