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Knights Walk Newsletter 28

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 28 for Knight's Walk and it can be read HERE.




The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 28 for Knight's Walk and it can be read HERE.


Inside this issue:


Coming Up in MayOctober-November 2018


Council Drop in

04.10.18 | 3-5 pm

No.15 Knights Walk

Starting from October, every other Thursday Coffee and Cake will be combined with a Lambeth Council Regeneration Team drop-in.

The first of these will take place on 04.10.18.

More information inside.



 11.10.18 | 3-5pm

No.15 Knights Walk

We have the opportunity to meet Suzette from the London Gardens Trust to find out about the annual ‘Open Garden Squares Weekend’. She will share pictures of other local gardens and visit No.15’s garden as the Autumn evenings draw in.



08.11.18 3-5pm

No.15 Knights WALK

Back by popular demand, local yoga instructor Claire will be running a second sit-down yoga session.

Open to all ages and abilities - Please wear comfortable clothing.


KWGRA/REP meeting

12.11.18 | 6-7:30pm

No.15 Knights Walk

This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team including information about the new gas supply, Homes for Lambeth and Contractor Procurement.


Gas Supply Works Update

Lambeth Council have now received a suitable quote and proposal for the replacement gas main supply. The company carrying out the work are Squire Energy who will be managed by the client’s consulting Engineers TGA throughout the works. The work is planned to provide a new permanent bulk gas supply to the retained properties in Knight’s Walk as well as to Kempsford road and parts of Renfrew road. All homes in Knight’s Walk due to be demolished will also receive a new supply.

All residents will receive written notification ahead of the works and details of the programme will be made available at the next KWGRA/REP meeting on Monday 1st October.


Proposed Temporary Bin Store

Following the KWGRA/REP visit to the suggested location for the temporary bin store, quotes have now been obtained from the company Metrostor who have recently won a contract with the Council Housing division.The bin stores shown to the left come in a range of materials and colours to fit in with their locations. Standard wheeled bins fit inside the enclosures which are then locked until collection time.

Experience of using these stores on other council estates shows them to be kept tidier than traditional bin rooms and also unlikely to attract rough sleepers / drug-takers, and fly-tippers. Another advantage of them is that they are moveable.

Further consultation with residents will take place at the next KWGRA/REP meeting on 1st October 6pm to 7.30pm


Council Drop-ins and Coffee and Cake

In line with the change of make:good’s role a few months ago and the introduction of fortnightly regeneration team ‘Drop-ins’, starting from October 2018 Thursday afternoons at No.15 will alternate between weekly coffee and cake sessions and a combined fortnightly Lambeth drop in.

This means that the first combined Coffee and Cake and Council Drop-in will take place on October 4th and will run every other Thursday from 3 to 5pm.


Development Management Team Update: Contractor procurement

The contractor selection process is well underway with a successful first stage and contractors showing a good understanding and experience of working on regeneration schemes, working with residents and meeting key criteria such as quality management. Following HfL’s approval, contractors will be sent second stage tender documents for pricing and asked to answer more detailed questions about how they will work on Knight’s Walk, including questions on how they will engage with residents. The responses to these questions will be shared with a panel of Knight’s Walk residents to obtain their feedback and help us to determine a score for selection.





No.15 saw a month packed full of great activities this September. Alongside exciting cooking and baking demonstrations from Jamyang Buddhist Centre and the Kennington Baker, residents enjoyed an introductory class on the History Of Jazz, by Flavio Li Vigni from Morley College.


An eclectic mix of ages and backgrounds - with some new local faces - we started with a fantastic conversation about how Jazz has found its way into all of our lives, one way or another! From passionate Jazz enthusiasts to those of us who just enjoy the music, it was great to hear everyone’s stories.


Flavio then put us all to the test, playing a handful of Jazz songs. All from different eras, scenes and styles of Jazz we went round the group, trying to work out where, when and who the song came from! Whilst we didn’t always get it 100% spot on, the group had a great time learning about the different instruments and historical moments that shaped the history of Jazz music.


Thank you to Flavio and Morley College for running this session with Knight’s Walk. If you love Jazz and missed out on this session, we hope to have Flavio back soon - so keep an eye out for future dates coming up!


Juke box : Jazz favourites

Ring Shout: Good Lord (Run Old Jeremiah) | Austin Coleman, Joe Washington Brown & Group

Jelly Roll Morton | Sidewalk Blues

Froggie Moore | King Oliver’s Jazz Band

Maple leaf rag | Scott Joplin

Mood Indigo | Duke Ellington

Dipper Mouth Blues | King Oliver’s Jazz Band

Kind of Blue (Full Album) | Miles Davis


Jazz Trivia

Who was the first Jazz musician to make musical arrangements? Jelly Roll Morton

Before guitars, which instrument was used in their place? The Banjo

Name 3 or 4 US cities that played a huge part in the History of Jazz | New Orleans, Kansas, Chicago, New York

Which Jazz instrument became suddenly cheap and therefore popular after the civil war? The Cornet






Timetable October - November 2018





Earlier this week we gathered under the full moon to celebrate the winding down of summer and the last of our garden harvest at No.15. There was a buzz around the table with people reflecting on the wonderful herbs, vegetables and flowers that we have grown this year. We feasted on dishes that we have learned to cook and bake at No.15 in the past months including fresh salads taught by the Jamyang Buddhist Cafe, stuffed vine leaves inspired by Alex and George’s demonstration and freshly baked buns from the Kennington Bakery, as we learned to bake ourselves last week.