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Knights Walk Newsletter 27

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 27 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.



The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 27 for Knight's Walk and it can be read HERE.



Inside this issue

Coming Up in September 2018






COFFEE + CAKE Every Thursday 3-5pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
Join Nataly and the make:good team every Thursday afternoon for sessions at No.15. Come along to a delicious cooking session by Ilaria from the Buddhist Café on 30.08.18



KWGRA/REP Meeting 01.10.18 | 6-7:30pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team, including information about the new gas supply and a discussion on upcoming meeting topics




COUNCIL DROP-IN 05.09.18 | 3.30-6.30pm No. 15 Knight’s Walk
Pop by every other Wednesday afternoon to talk to Lambeth officers about any questions or concerns you may have. Please note this will be fortnightly, with specific dates on the back page.




HISTORY OF JAZZ  06.09.18 | 3-5pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
Join us for a free introductory session about the History of Jazz, led by Flavio Li Vigni, Programme Manager for Jazz & Popular Music at Morley College


BREAD BAKING DEMO 20.09.18 | 3-5pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
Pop by No.15 for a free baking demonstration run by The Kennington Baker. Try your hand at making a simple bread with minimal kneading. Come along to the Knight’s Walk Garden Party on the 25.09.18 to have a taste!

Lambeth Update

At this month’s resident meeting, upon the Chair’s request, Loraine from PPCR, the Independent Resident Advisors provided advice on ‘Rights of Light’ for those properties which may be affected by loss of light once the new blocks on Knight’s Walk are built. PPCR will offer residents general advice and have produced an information leaflet as a guide which can be found at No.15 Knight’s Walk. If you have any questions or would like a copy, please contact Loraine from PPCR on 0800 317 066.

The Council’s approach to this matter is to meet individually with residents who feel they may have a claim in respect to Right of Light, because this must be done with reference to the resident’s Lease or title deeds. Rights of Light does not apply to residents whose existing homes are to be demolished.

Proposed Temporary Bin Store

Attendees of this month’s meeting also visited the proposed site for the temporary bin store. Keith Richmond showed attendees the land on which the bins would stand, located on the strip of grass containing shrubs and 2 Plane trees on the boundary of Knight’s Walk and Kempsford Road. The bins would be accessed by the refuse lorry from Kempsford road where the existing lockable swing gate will provide access.

Residents were very positive about the location, although did have concerns that other local residents might use the bins. All agreed that there would need to be attentive management to keep the area tidy and free of fly-tipping.

Residents are keen to see that the existing shrubs (all but one) remain and that no trees are to be cut down. The next step is for a sketch of the proposal and details of the bins to be used to be brought along to KWGREP on Monday 1st October.



Homes For Lambeth Update

Homes for Lambeth held its first board meeting with the newly appointed Non-Executive Directors last month.  This is an exciting time for the company and the new board members have a significant amount of work to do over the Autumn including confirming the proposed company executive team, including managing director and other key appointments.

A new website will be launched shortly with further information on the company and a record of decisions made by the various company boards.   Residents should expect to hear more about Homes for Lambeth over the coming months as the management team becomes established and the first homes are delivered at Lollard Street.


Development Team Update

Over the last month the Development Management Team have been reviewing and incorporating final small comments on the design and specification by Homes for Lambeth for Knight’s Walk.

We are now just a few days away from completing the design and specification information that form part of the second stage of the contractor procurement process:

1. CONTRACTORS LIST A list of contractors will be asked if they are interested in bidding for the project , with questions about their approach.

2. HFL ASSESS RESPONSES HFL will select a short list of contractors who will submit detailed, costed bids through an Invitation to Tender (ITT)

3. INVITATION TO TENDER The ITT will include full details of the Phase 1 scheme to be costed and a further set of questions about engagement with residents.


The diagram above shows the first 3 stages of the procurement process as presented in July’s Newsletter.
Meanwhile, we have received returns from contractors on the first stage of the contractor procurement process. We need to do some follow up work to make sure that we can get good value for money from the tender process and we are reviewing our options. It may mean that we use a slightly different approach and we will be able to update residents over the next month on this.

As noted previously, residents will still have the opportunity to be involved in the contractor procurement process.

Activities At N0 15

This month, residents from Knight’s Walk made an exciting trip to nearby Kennington Park to visit Bee Urban - a beautiful garden which plays host to some bee colonies!
After a tour of the garden and beehives, everyone was excited to see how honey is made, from pollen to pot - with a live demonstration by Bee Urban’s volunteers.
We learned all about the different uses for honey, beeswax and other by-products of bee keeping, all washed down with a delicious cup of tea and honey.
If you are interested in visiting or volunteering at Bee Urban, they are open Thursdays 11am-4pm & Fridays 11am-3pm





Indicative Timeline



Timetable September-October




Knight's Walk Garden Party Invitation

We will be celebrating our annual garden harvest with an evening of food and festivities. Join us for some music, games and see what we have been up to at No.15