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Knights Walk Newsletter 25

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 25 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 25 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.


KNIGHT’S WALK | ISSUE 25 | 28th JUNE 2018

Inside this issue:

Coming Up in July


COFFEE + CAKE Every Thursday 3-5pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
Join Nataly and the make:good team every Thursday afternoon for sessions at No.15

KWGRA/REP Meeting 09.07.18 | 6-7:30pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team, including information about contractor procurement

COUNCIL DROP-IN 11.07.18 | 3.30-6.30pm No. 15 Knight’s Walk

Pop by every other Wednesday afternoon to talk to Lambeth officers about any questions or concerns you may have. Please note this will be fortnightly, with specific dates on the back page.

BINGO  12.07.18 | 3-5pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
In anticipation of a talk on the Architecture of Kennington later in the month, come and join us for an Architecture themed game of Bingo at No.15!


The team has been working hard over the past month developing the detailed design in advance of contractor procurement.  We were pleased to be able to present detailed design information to residents at this month’s REP and we look forward to outlining the approach to contractor procurement next month, including how residents will be involved in the process.

We are continuing to target a start on site for Phase 1 in Spring 2019 and the current expected programme is 15 months construction for Phase 1. In advance of that date residents should expect works to the gas supply and refuse arrangements at Knight’s Walk that are necessary prior to Phase 1 works commencing.

A contractor has not yet been procured as the works need to be tendered. However, construction will be undertaken with the least amount of disruption possible and residents will have the opportunity to be involved in the contractor procurement process. Further details and information on these items will be provided in July’s REP meeting and Newsletter.


It has been 12 months since Homes for Lambeth was set up by the Council to help deliver more and better homes across the borough.   We expect our initial 70 homes to be completed at Lollard Street this autumn.  Residents of Knight’s Walk will be invited to view completed homes nearer the time.

The HfL Group consists of three subsidiary companies:

·       HfL Build – the company that will build the homes.

·       HfL Homes – the company that will own and manage the affordable homes.

·       HfL Living – the company that will own and manage the market homes.

Currently Homes for Lambeth is being resourced by Council staff. However, the company will be recruiting later this year and already has in place functioning Boards with monthly board meetings, details of which will be published on the HfL website in due course.

The Knight’s Walk regeneration is now a HfL project and Michael Holland, Lambeth Council, is acting on behalf of HfL as the project lead.  The next step is being prepared for HfL to take a 250 year lease over the land from the council and this is expected to be in place towards the end of 2018 in preparation for a start of construction works in Spring 2019.


In response to residents’ requests, the Council is considering its approach to local lettings across the wider regeneration programme and a report will be prepared for council members, setting out the pros and cons. In other instances, Local Lettings Plans have been used to give new build allocation priority to a specific group of residents impacted by the regeneration scheme.

The timescale for this is likely to be approximately 6 months. The REP will be kept informed and we hope to be able to set out the council’s position on local lettings later this year.





Nick from Mae Architects attended the June REP to talk residents through the detailed designs for Phase 1.  Using the numbered spaces, residents were taken through the entrance sequence to the North Block building and the rooms inside an example 1 bedroom home. Residents were pleased to see that louvered screens were incorporated into the balcony areas in order to provide privacy. Questions were asked about internal finishes, white goods and heating.

Q1: Can you have the washing machine outside of the Kitchen? It was confirmed that space for washing machines would be provided either in a utility cupboard or in kitchens, where kitchens are separate from living/dining rooms.

Q2: How will Heating and Electricity be controlled and metered? Residents would have individual meters for the electricity, water and heating/hot water they use.  The communal boiler in the basement energy centre will generate heating/hot water and residents will be charged for this via a ‘heat meter’ connected to a boiler-sized unit in their own homes.

Q3: What will the flooring be made of in the new homes? The internal specification for the new homes is still being developed and needs to be confirmed before HfL go out to tender. Residents would have a choice of colour palettes for kitchens and bathrooms and more information will be provided in upcoming REP meetings.

Further information was requested in relation to external lighting and this will be provided in the near future. Printed plans and information handouts from this meeting are available at No.15 Knight’s Walk. If you would like to receive a copy please call 0800 0720 265.






Over the next month we will be focusing on the theme of buildings, combining a neighbour-led talk on the Architecture of Kennington with a special buildings-themed Bingo as part of our resident skill-swap.  There will always also be an opportunity to have a potter in the garden and sit down for a cup of tea.



Last month the residents at Knight’s Walk had the amazing chance to try out a sit-down yoga class with a local teacher. Teacher Claire transformed No.15 into an oasis of calm, with relaxing music and incense filling the air. Nobody who took part had done yoga before, but we had an incredible 40 minute session practicing breathing and stretching. Everyone came away feeling a difference in their bodies, a sense of calm, and a great first interaction with yoga. Special thanks to our wonderful teacher Claire Hawkins from Yoga Radiance (yogaradiance.co.uk). Keep an eye on future newsletters for details about a follow-up session.