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Knights Walk Newsletter 23

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 23 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 23 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:


Coming Up in May


Join Nataly and the make:good team every Thursday afternoon for sessions at No.15


KWGRA/REP Meeting 14.05.18 | 6-7:30pm No.15 Knight’s Walk

This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team, including an update about the Equalities Action Plan for Knight’s Walk, the Planning Application and a Design Development update


YOGA SESSION 17.05.18 | 4-5pm No. 15 Knight’s Walk

Join us for a free introductory session of yoga at No.15 run by Claire, a local yoga teacher. This session will be for all levels and abilities, and participants can choose to sit or stand. Please confirm your attendance by calling 0800 0720 265.


COOKING DEMO 24.05.18 | 3-5pm No.15 Knight’s Walk
A unique opportunity to learn how to cook a delicious typical dish from Cyprus, with a live demonstration, tasting and a recipe card to take home


Planning Application Update

Decision made to grant full planning permission for Knight’s Walk

On the 20th March Lambeth’s Planning Application Committee resolved to grant full planning permission, subject to the signing of a legal agreement, for 84 new homes on Knight’s Walk Estate across two sites; Phase 1, on the site of existing garages and Phase 2 along the east side of Knight’s Walk next to Section House.


Following the committee meeting in March the planning team have not yet issued the draft planning conditions.

At the moment there are 49 conditions and these can be found in the planning application report, available online at www.planning.lambeth.gov.uk or at No.15 Knight’s Walk. These are the standard set of conditions which have been changed for this specific Knight’s Walk scheme and following the planning committee these will be edited and updated.

Draft Minutes of the committee meeting are available at www.moderngov.lambeth.gov.uk. Search for ‘Planning Applications Committee Tuesday 20 March 2018 7.00 pm’. There will also be a printed copy available at No.15 Knight’s Walk. 

The next steps are that the planning conditions will be published and formalised in the section 106 agreement which is a legal document which enshrines all of the conditions and sets out when things need to be done. It is hoped that this will be finalised by May 2018. The planning committee has now delegated this task to Lambeth officers and once signed, the planning permission will be formally confirmed.


Design Development - What Happens Next

The Development Management Team have embarked on the next level of detail design of the project on Knight’s Walk, called ‘RIBA Stage 3b’, allowing Homes for Lambeth to issue a tender for the construction of the scheme. The team started the design work earlier this month and this is anticipated to take three months and be finished in July 2018.

The aim is to have all of the information in order for Homes for Lambeth to issue a tender in August 2018. This will go to potential contractors who will provide the price and description of how they propose to complete the scheme. This tender process will take approximately six months to conclude and residents will have the opportunity to be involved in the process. The Construction management plan is also something that the contractors will produce as part of this.

There will be a more detailed update of the timeline at the next KWGRA/REP Meeting on 14th May 2018. See timetable on the back for more details.


Activities At No.15


Last month, combining our conversations about gardens with a focus on how we use community spaces, we arranged a visit to the recently renovated Garden Museum by Lambeth Palace. 
A group of six residents made their way to this wonderful new peaceful space within an old church by the Thames. In particular the group liked the way the museum was laid out, with a nice selection of garden artwork, historic objects, tools, and interesting artefacts that made us think about how we interact with our own gardens.

We ended our visit at the bright cafe which overlooks Lambeth Bridge and the river to one side and looks onto the garden courtyard and activity spaces where workshops, lectures and classes take place for all ages. For more information about the museum and activities on offer, keep an eye out for future Newsletters or contact make:good on 0800 072 0265.


Earlier this month Katy Thomas, a Senior Ecologist, came to run a session at No.15 and teach us about the ins and outs of what wildlife we share the estate with - in particular birds!

It was an interesting presentation where we found out some new facts about the birds, foxes, owls, bats and falcons that inhabit some London neighbourhood. In particular we were surprised to find out that there are now more urban foxes in London than double decker buses, you can find seals in their colony at canary wharf and we heard an incredible success story of a pair of peregrine falcons based in Battersea.



We were so inspired by the wildlife talk that we decided to combine it with a skill swap at No.15 last week. One of the residents of Knight’s Walk previously worked in the print and textile industry and had a collection of technical books which we took as an excellent opportunity to exchange a new skill. Everyone selected their favourite bird and took part in slapping on the ink and transferring a truly unique Knight’s Walk pattern onto these customised Tea-towels.






Timetable for April-May




All of the documents, reports, handouts and information from previous resident meetings, newsletters, design sessions and public exhibitions are available at No.15 Knight’s Walk.
If you would like to read these you can either drop in on a Thursday between 3-5pm, contact Keith Richmond on 020 792 62762 or email [email protected] to request a copy to be sent to your home or arrange a visit to No.15.

As some of you may already know, from May 2018 Nataly and the make:good team will be focusing more on weekly activities at No.15 and conversations about the new community space, programming of events and exploring skills, interests and services in the local area. As part of this, Lambeth will be taking over their role at REP meetings and will lead on communications such as newsletter content and emails. 

Please note that from 1st May 2018 the [email protected] email address will No longer be ­in use. All future email communications will be from Keith Richmond through the [email protected] email address.