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Knights Walk Newsletter 18

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 18 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 18 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:

Coming Up in November / December


A visit to the Cinema Museum

In late October a group of residents wandered across the road for a visit to the Cinema Museum. Our tour of the cosy museum included interesting anecdotes about the history of the building, the area and took us back in time to the days when Cinemas where a much more central part of city life.

Residents shared their knowledge of local celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and reminisced about the old cinema tickets and ushers’ uniforms. We sipped our tea amongst the cinema memorabilia and talked about the important role cinema used to have for communities back in the day.


The tour ended with a screening of five short films from across the ages, including a video of the last trams of London, and a documentary about coffee shops in Soho.

The visit was a great opportunity to learn more about the history of the area and made us think about ways in which we might capture the unique moments and memories around Knight’s Walk. We look forward to speaking with residents about this over the coming months.

Winter Planting at No.15

Over October we said goodbye to our abundant tomatoes, radishes, beans and lettuces and made space for our autumnal and winter planting.

At Coffee and Cake sessions this past month residents have been getting their hands dirty planting bulbs in preparation for the spring. We pulled out old weeds and everyone got involved in making space for garlic and onion bulbs as well and some flowers including narcissus and tulips. We also planted some cauliflower and cabbage shoots to give us new ideas for cooking and recipes in the spring!

Join us any Thursday from 3-5pm to see how the No.15 garden is changing over the seasons, and take part in conversations about what we can plant to eat or to make gardens and balconies wonderful spaces.


Compulsory Purchase Orders Session

In this month’s resident meeting Bruce McRobie from Lambeth came to present some information about Compulsory Purchase Orders.

The presentation included responses that related to questions raised by residents in the weeks preceding the meeting. Notes from the session were circulated to all homes on Knight’s Walk as part of the meeting minutes delivered last week.

Lambeth are preparing additional information on the impact of a CPO for Knight’s Walk and hard copies of this will be available at No.15 by the end of this week. If you have any questions or would like to receive a copy please contact 0800 072 0265. 

Your questions answered by Lambeth

In the summer PPCR, your independent resident advisors, ran a session on the Key Guarantees. During this session some questions and comments were raised not just about Key Guarantees but also about the overall process of the Knight’s Walk redevelopment. Below are some of the frequently asked questions with responses from Lambeth council. For a full list of the questions and answers, pop into No.15 Knight’s Walk or contact Keith Richmond on [email protected] or 0208 926 2762.

We have no PCs or data phones – we know that Paul (Gordon) can help with bidding but he is only one. Are there other people that will be willing to help?

Keith Richmond – Project Officer is also able to help as are other members of Paul’s team. Applicants will need to complete a Transfer Application form. They will also need to complete a form to say they are happy for our decant team to bid for housing on their behalf. Keith or Paul will liaise with the applicant on their needs and preferences and the decant team members will bid on the applicant’s behalf. Residents intending to remain on the estate do not need to bid.

I have a walk-in shower and other adaptations. The guarantees say they will be fitted before I move in and in consultation with me – is this at the design stage or when the units are completed?

We will obtain more details about your particular housing need and any health or medical needs. Your new flat can then be adapted accordingly. We need an occupational therapist to assess you to determine in what way your new home should be adapted.

There have been issues with soundproofing in flats. Can we be guaranteed high quality sound insulation?

We are well aware of complaints made elsewhere regarding sound proofing and have therefore increased the specification requirements on sound insulation for new properties in order to address this. We are committed to build more and better homes and you can see our committed to better homes in our Design Standards.

High quality sound insulation will be guaranteed as part of building regulations. The engineers noise vibration report submitted as part of the planning application refers to Building regulations: BS8233:2014 ‘Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings’ and this sets appropriate indoor ambient noise levels for dwellings including glazing and ventilation specifications.

Some residents have electricity key metres. Will money be refunded if not needed in the new flats?

In the first instance normal (non-key) electricity metres will be installed in each flat. Residents will have plenty of time to prepare for moving to a new home so as to ensure that they do not overpay for their electricity before they leave.

I have spent money to refurbish my kitchen and bathroom -  will I be compensated or reimbursed for improvements I have made?

Tenants may qualify for reimbursement for certain improvements however will need to show written consent from the Council and provide receipted proof of payments. Each request will need to be considered individually by the council.

Will there be window coverings provided for privacy?

Yes. This is likely to be roller blinds with an exterior colour which compliments the look of the block.

If the ITLA is not the current one who will it be and will we have a choice?

In November a procurement exercise will begin to decide on how this service will continue. Officers – including Keith Richmond - will be meeting to progress this and further information will soon be available to residents. Keith will shortly be briefing the REP on this process so that residents have the opportunity to help decide on the scope of the service and how the service will be provided specifically for Knights Walk residents. Residents will also have the opportunity to be involved in the interview and selection process.

Indicative Timeline


Timetable for November - December


PPCR Tenancies Session

Last month Ron and Pamela from PPCR ran two sessions to talk through the draft tenancy agreement which was being consulted on over the month of October. PPCR shared a summary of the draft agreement and went through the key clauses. Residents asked questions regarding the agreement and guarantees which will be in place with the new Homes for Lambeth structure.

The main questions and queries were around:

The council’s response to the independent legal advice on the tenancy agreement, conducted by Lewis Silkin (following the meeting a copy of the legal review and response was sent to residents who attended. Copies of this are also available at No.15)

Homes for Lambeth’s ability to keep its end of the agreement including financial stability and what happens if HfL fails to deliver what it says it will.

Other matters were raised about the Key Guarantees and the new properties at Knights Walk including the right to return, the extent of the redevelopment, refuse arrangements and construction contractors working practices.

All the questions and comments have been submitted to Lambeth as part of the consultation. The consultation has now closed, all feedback will now be collated and Lambeth will be providing an update on this in December.