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Knights Walk Newsletter 17

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 17 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.



The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 17 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:

Coming Up in October / November


Consultation on Draft Tenancies & Leases

At the end of September the consultation for new tenancies and leases was launched and will be running until the 3rd November.
All tenants should have received a letter from Councillor McGlone introducing the consultation and hard copies of the tenancies and leases have also been delivered along with a consultation booklet.
It should be noted that the tenancies and leases for your new home will be with Homes for Lambeth, not the council. Homes for Lambeth is a new group of companies wholly owned by the council. It will build homes at council rent, intermediate rent and market rent levels, with options for long tenancies and stable rents.

Residents who did not receive booklets and would like information on these consultations can arrange to receive hard copies at No.15 or call 0800 072 0265 to request them.

The deadline for this consultation is the 03.11.2017

Housing Management Consultation 

Last month tenants will have received a booklet asking for feedback on Housing Management because Lambeth want to know what’s important to you about how the future estate will be looked after. This is because the rebuilding of your estate will only be successful if Homes for Lambeth both builds the more and better homes we need but also looks after them and you properly.

While your new home and estate may be a few years away, we want to do this now so that Homes for Lambeth can start with the right approach and select the best housing management provider for the new estate.

Lambeth are looking for feedback on:

  • How you want to talk to your estate’s housing management provider
  • How you want to access their services
  • How you want to report repairs and get them resolved
  • How Homes for Lambeth should support you and your family
  • How communal and shared spaces should be looked after
  • How you should be involved in running your new estate

Your views, along with the feedback from consultation on tenancies and leases, will help to finalise the specification of service which will define what Homes for Lambeth expects from providers bidding to provide housing management services. It will also help to determine the cost of these services to Homes for Lambeth and the level of the service charges for your new home.

At this month’s resident meeting, Graham from Altair answered questions that were collected from residents about Housing Management. Key queries and responses are summarised below and full questions and answers are available at No.15 Knight’s Walk;

How can residents influence what services are provided?
All housing associations will have arrangements in place for consulting and engaging with their residents and residents will be able to give feedback on how services are being managed and what services are being provided through resident groups. 

How can residents scrutinise the service charges?
The housing management team for the estate will be required to share invoices of services paid for so residents can see what money has been spent and what they are paying for in their service charges. All the services will also go out to tender to make sure they are the right quality and give good value for money. Service charges are not commercially sensitive and all details can be made available to residents.   

Where will the housing management team be based?
It is likely that the key contact for residents will not be permanently based at Knight’s Walk but will be required to have a regular presence on the estate so residents can speak to somebody in person. The days of the week and hours will be well advertised. All contractors to HfL will wear uniforms but they will all be required to carry ID as Lambeth’s contractors do at the moment.

How will the Housing Management Team contact residents?
The Housing management team is likely to contact residents by phone or in person with online and email correspondence also being available.
The deadline for this consultation is the 15.12.17


How can I provide feedback?


1. In writing: you can complete the consultation booklet you received and return it to :
Freepost Plus 
Have your say – (Specify)Tenancies, Leases or Housing Management 
C/O Consultation & Engagement Team, Third Floor, 
Olive Morris House,
Brixton Hill, 
London, SW2 1RD
2. Online: View all the information on the estate regeneration website and submit comments.
Housing Management

3. In Person: Attend one of the PPCR consultation sessions on the 16th and 19th October | 6 - 7:30pm | No.15 Knight’s Walk or speak to Lambeth Council Officers on Thursday afternoons at Coffee and Cake. 


Knight's Walk Garden Party


Last month No.15 was a hive of activity at the Knight’s Walk Garden Party. It was a chance for residents to get together and celebrate the harvest from the garden and the end of summer. Residents were greeted by the sounds of a local accordion player, serenading us from the garden, the table setting was a sight to behold, the homemade decorations all came together beautifully and all who attended agreed the main highlight was the food. 


Almost every item of food on the table was home made with love and included something from the garden; not one, but two types of chutney, red and green tomato ketchup, veggie sausage rolls, spinach rolls, courgette spirals, beetroot dip, scotch eggs and homemade Cypriot meatballs.



The party finished on a high note, laughing about the questions and answers given from the conversation crackers. All who came went home with full stomachs and questions about when the next celebration will be.







Activities at No.15