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Knights Walk Newsletter 16

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 16 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.



The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 16 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:


Coming Up in September/October 


Activities at No.15: Garden Artwork


Over the past months, whilst gathering anecdotes and memories from residents about the history of the local area, we have been trying to find a way that we might be able to capture these stories on Knight’s Walk. The Residents’ Brief for redevelopment specified: “Capture and reflect some of the heritage and memory of the existing Knight’s Walk”.

At a few coffee and cake sessions, residents helped us to design and develop an artwork for the wall of the No.15 garden based on these stories and memories. Starting off by looking at a range of images of Knight’s Walk, people selected sections that were important or meaningful to them or the history of the area. First cutting and collaging these to pick out the images and textures, and then selecting shapes and frames, identifying specific sections to be included in the artwork. 

We photographed and documented the images, shapes and frames that residents carefully composed and Victoria turned these into what is now hanging on the garden wall of No.15. 

If you haven’t yet, come and have a look at the five artworks produced by residents of Knight’s Walk, capturing some of the history and heritage in beautiful corten steel on the wall.

Knight’s Walk Recipe Swap

With the abundance of herbs and vegetables from the garden at No.15 we find ourselves talking a lot about eating food and cooking it too! On the 24th August we held a Recipe Swap at No.15 where residents brought along their favourite recipes and cook books (some from the 1920s!). We nibbled on home made courgette fritters and sausage rolls whilst capturing some wonderful recipes for the Knight’s Walk Recipe Book including classics such as apple pie and pancake batter and more challenging recipes like cypriot meatballs (or Keftedes).
If you would also like to contribute, drop your recipe off at No.15 before the 21st September. 

Housing Management Questions

At this month’s KWGRA/REP meeting we talked about housing management and service charges for the new homes. Residents raised some questions and concerns about these. 

Key questions were around:

  • How could / will residents be involved in Homes for Lambeth management?
  • How can residents influence what services are provided?
  • How can residents scrutinise the service charges?
  • Will costs be considered ‘commercially sensitive’ therefore not released in full to residents?
If you have any additional questions, please send them to [email protected] or call 0800 072 0265. We will be collecting questions for Altair in advance of the next KWGRA/REP Meeting on Monday 2nd October.  
Equalities Impact Assessment

Thank you to all residents who completed the Equalities Impact Assessment last month which was conducted by Ottaway.  

Key feedback from the survey included:
  • Feelings of frustration, worry and stress
  • Concerns about loss of community and support networks
  • New people moving in and that breaking up the community
  • Concern about the impact on people with existing health conditions
  • Concern about the impact of dust on children’s health
  • Concern about the disruption, rubbish, noise, traffic and dust during construction
  • Concern about affordability of the new homes.
Now that the assessment is complete, the next steps are that a report is taken to Lambeth’s Equalities Panel and an action plan will be developed. When it is prepared this action plan will be presented to KWGRA/REP.

Plant Audit
Over the summer we held two plant audits with residents where we identified and categorised plants in the communal areas of Knight’s Walk, including some shared block gardens. We discussed maintenance requirements, plant health, condition and positive qualities, thinking about possibilities of transporting and replanting some of the plants. If you have a private garden with plants that you would like us to identify, categorise and consider the possibility of replanting in the new gardens on Knight's Walk, please contact us on 0800 072 0265 and we will arrange a visit. 
Indicative Timeline
Timetable for September - October
PPCR Key Guarantees Workshop

PPCR held a workshop in August about the Lambeth Key Guarantees and tenants had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Key queries were about the ‘right to buy’ with Homes for Lambeth, assistance in bidding for people who don’t have internet, water metering and how lifts might affect service charges. For more information call: 0207 407 7452
New Tenancies and Leases Consultation
Lambeth Council is launching a consultation for the new tenancies and leases between the 18th September and the 3rd November. Information will be sent out to residents in the coming week and there will be an opportunity to discuss the consultation and ask questions at No.15 on the 21st September between 3-5pm. To RSVP click here. 
Letterpress printing with Prickle Press

Last Thursday at coffee and cake we had the wonderful Rachel from Prickle Press come and run a letterpress workshop with residents. Prickle Press is a local design and letterpress studio based in Lambeth and Rachel brought along her Adana Letterpress, a larger version of the one at No.15, along with big fonts and different inks. After a thorough demonstration we went about printing all of the invitations for the garden party with residents taking part in assembling the printing plates or pressing the lever to produce the prints. Residents will have received a custom made invitation through their letterbox last week!