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Knights Walk Newsletter #11

The eleventh newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Knight's Walk and is available to read here.  

The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #11 for Knight's Walk you can read it here.

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What's happening on Knight's Walk


Coming up in April - May 2017


Developing Designs : Facade and Fabric

In recent weeks the design team have been developing the new homes on Knight’s Walk and looking at a ‘fabric first’ approach. The primary goal of this approach is to minimise excessive heat loss and gain by optimising the design and materials of the building. This can be achieved through combinations of; better insulated walls, optimised windows, increased air-tightness, using lighter materials, controlled ventilation and developing a simpler building form.
Images 1 and 2 show the development of the building form from January 2017 (image 1) to the current form (image 2) which reduces the surface area of the building.
Typically, applying this approach results in simpler buildings with lower energy requirements for heating, lower levels of maintenance and lower long-term running costs.



Design Development: Flat orientation and sunlight studies

Mae architects have begun to test the orientation of new homes to develop the designs and have identified that:

  • The buildings are designed to benefit from the site’s south-west aspect
  • Homes will have afternoon sun
  • At least 50% of the courtyard area is to receive at least two hours of sunlight on March 21st (this meets Lambeth’s    Housing Design Standards).
  • A reasonable level of sunlight reaches the communal courtyard.
A further study and analysis will be produced by a sunlight consultant in the upcoming Stage 3 of the design process.

Study Trip to a 1 Bedroom home


Home Size Comparison


Indicative Timeline


Key Guarantees

On the 23rd March Lambeth’s Cabinet approved the improved Key Guarantees. A revised booklet containing the improved Key Guarantees will be circulated to all residents towards the end of May, however, they are available online on Lambeth’s website.

Planters on Knight's Walk


Gardening at No.15

Every Thursday we are continuing to populate No.15’s garden with flowers and edible plants. This month residents of Block 11 gave us a tour of their garden and discussed the possibility of transporting some plants to the new development. Join us on Thursday 20th April 3-5pm for our gardening event at No.15.

Timetable April - May