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Knights Walk Newsletter #1

 The first newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Knights Walk and is available to read here.


The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #1 for Knights Walk and you can read it here.

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Reminder of the Cabinet Decision

Faced with a lack of money for refurbishment and a serious shortage of genuinely affordable homes, in Nov 2015 Lambeth’s cabinet decided to go ahead with the partial redevelopment of Knight’s Walk. Lambeth wrote to every household to confirm that this decision agrees the demolition of 18 of the low rise homes with the surrounding properties retained. 

What's happening next

We are now begining the design development stage of the regeneration. In order to work towards a design which you, the residents, are happy with we will be doing all we can to ensure that you are:

informed about what is happening, involved in the process, so that you can; influence what happens next.  

Coming up in May/June


Notices from Lambeth: An Initial Demolition Notice

In June, the 18 homes directly affected by the redevelopment will receive what is called a demolition notice. It is a legal requirement to send this to you now, however demolition is unlikely to begin before 2019. 

Public Events: Design Principles 01/06/16

This exhibition will set out the design standards that will be met by every new home that we build. We would like to invite you to come along and find out more and meet the team from Tibbalds Campbell Reith Joint Venture.

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Things you will see: site surveys

These surveys will look at things like the condition of the ground, the contours of the land and existing features on the estate. This is to make sure that when building work starts there are no unexpected issues which could slow this down.

Knight's Walk Activities: Design Meeting #1 06/06/16

There will be regular meetings to involve you in the design development stage. In the first meeting we will discuss your priorities moving forward, as well as how you can influence the planning application and any concerns you may have.

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Meet the Tibbalds Campbell Reith Team

Tibbalds CampbellReith JV, working with Development Managers CPC, are really pleased to have been selected to work with you on developing proposals for more and better homes on Knight’s Walk. We are a collection of generally small companies, which means you will get to see us on a regular basis. We are all really looking forward to meeting residents of the estate and the surrounding area, getting to know it from your point of view, understanding your priorities and working together to make this project the best that it can be.  

The team includes all of the specialists that will be needed to bring this project forward through the design and planning stages and onto delivery. You will meet many of them regularly and some will be working behind the scenes. 


Key members of the team are:

Lead Consultant: Tibbalds

Hilary Satchwell: Hilary will be overseeing the Knight’s Walk Estate project. She has extensive experience in estate regeneration and is really excited about the potential for this project.

Sarah Jenkinson: Sarah will be coordinating and managing the design team. She is trained as an architect and has a real passion for housing design and helping people to work well together.

Consultation Specialist: make:good

Catherine Greig: Catherine and the make:goodteam will produce monthly newsletters, attend resident meetings and host additional events to get to know your priorities and ensure your feedback has as much influence as possible. Want to  know more? Please get in touch: 0203 7357 629

Architects: Mae Architects

Douglas McIntosh: Doug is an architect specialising in residential projects. He really enjoyed working with you last year on the feasibility testing and is looking forward to continuing the design process with you in this next stage of the project.

Development Manager: CPC/KSA

Kim Sangster: Kim is the Project Director and has over 40 years experience in the construction industry. His wealth of regeneration experience coupled with a strong reputation will ensure this project delivers high quality new homes.

Ned Baker: Ned will be joining the team as a development manager. This means he will be helping make sure the project is deliverable and takes on board all of the issues and questions raised.

Landscape Architects: Camlins

Paul Shirley-Smith: Paul is a landscape architect and has delivered many high-quality projects. He is particularly interested in looking at the streets and public realm on this estate, as well as making sure all residents have some good private outdoor space too.

Structural Engineers: Campbell Reith

Michael Lawson: Michael will make sure that the scheme works in terms of structure, parking and roads. This includes carrying out surveys of the site and ensuring the buildings are safe and practical.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineers: TGA

Alex Maguire: Alex at will be responsible for making sure all electrical and mechanical services are properly considered for your new homes. Alex is great at thinking outside the box and also at explaining how these complex systems work!

How we want to work with you 

make:good, will be leading on resident involvement and consultation. With the help of the KWGREP we are planning meetings and activities in order to collect detailed information from you with the intention of writing a residents’ brief which will shape the design of the new homes.

We have included an overview to explain the process and activities along with this newsletter and we will be updating the timetable on the back page when exact dates and venues are confirmed. We know that understanding the timeframe for the project is very important so if you have any questions or would like someone to go through it with you please get in touch. 

Each newsletter will include this timeline with an indication of where we are in the process. 


Our commitment to you

Alongside the first newsletter we circulated our commitment to working with residents which you can read here.


Estimated project timeline

Alongside the first newsletter we circulated an estimated project timeline which you can read here.


We look forward to meeting as many residents of Knights Walk and their neighbours at the public exhibition on the 1st June.

Find our more and RSVP here.