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Knights Walk Newsletter #7

The seventh newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Knight's Walk and is available to read here.



The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #7 for Knight's Walk you can read it here.

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What's happening on Knight’s Walk:

In order to provide more and better homes in the area, Lambeth are planning to redevelop part of Knight’s Walk. Because we want to produce a design which you, the residents, are happy with, we will be doing all we can to ensure that you are: informed about what is happening, involved in the process, so that you can; influence what happens next.  

Coming up in November & December:


November Surveys Update: 

  • Further external Bat Surveys will be taken on the 22nd November. No homes will need to be accessed.
  • An Unexploded Ordnance Survey will be taken on the week beginning 21st November. The survey will involve the use of electromagnetic monitoring devices but no digging will be required.

Knight's Walk Design Development

Over the last two weeks the Development Management Team has been sharing initial designs. These are a work in progress and provide an opportunity to show how the team are responding to the Residents’ Brief.

An overall plan of the new homes was presented, showing how the proposed buildings step back away from the retained bungalows, allowing Knight’s Walk to be as wide as possible and introducing green ‘squares’ along the Walk as spaces for residents to meet.




Initial feedback from Residents & Stakeholders

These designs were shared with Residents and Stakeholders at the November Public Drop in and at the Resident Engagement Panel Meetings. We received positive comments that the design was moving in the right direction and that the work was responding to feedback from local people where possible and to the priorities in the Residents’ Brief.

Positive comments from Residents included:

  • The quiet route through Knight’s Walk appearing open and spacious
  • The greenery around entrances and the squares offering private outdoor spaces and seating 
  • The lower height in the centre of Knight’s Walk getting taller towards Kennington lane
  • The double height entrances to the new buildings & ground floor reflecting the colour of the bungalows

Some Residents were concerned about:

  • Maintenance of the communal planting areas and management of litter and refuse
  • Outdoor seating inviting anti-social behaviour 
  • Possible overlooking from the new buildings into existing gardens and having too much glass
  • The effect of car parking on the pedestrian nature of the Walk
  • Motorcycles using Knight’s Walk as a cut through

Positive comments from Stakeholders included:

  • Focusing the highest volume of the building towards Kennington Lane 
  • Creating a quiet, green route through Knight’s Walk

Some Stakeholders were concerned about:

  • The new homes being rented on a car free basis and how this will impact the surrounding streets
  • How the new planting will be maintained
  • Potential overlooking from the new homes

What Happens Next

All of the feedback collected from these events will be processed by make:good and shared with the design team, online and in No.15 every Thursday. 

There are two further public events prior to Lambeth submitting a planning application:

Tuesday 24th January 2017, RSVP here

Tuesday 7th March 2017, RSVP here

Indicative Timeline

Timetable: November 2016 - January 2017