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Knights Walk KWGREP January Meeting

Over the last week the Development Management Team have been sharing their updated design work for Knight's Walk. 

On Thursday 5th January we held a drop in design session to give residents a chance to talk to the team in more detail about updated design work. We shared new images which showed developments of materials and how the new buildings might look from the outside, the same information was then also presented by Doug from Mae at the KWGREP meeting earlier this week.

You can see the handout of the updated design work here

Overall residents were happy with the direction that the exterior of the buildings is going, many commented that the material choices of the new buildings makes them blend in very well and that although the buildings are taller than the bungalows, they seem softer and lighter than expected. 

Key things that people liked:

  • The facade on Kennington Lane blends in very well with the surrounding area
  • The new square in the heart of Knight’s Walk is a nice space
  • A space for children to play in the new squares created along the walk
  • The community space at the heart of Knight’s walk
  • The colour of the brick is nice, bright and doesn’t stand out
  • The height is better than expected
  • The material change on the ground floor to match the bungalows
  • The balconies overlooking the green squares and the access decks to enter the homes

Things that residents wanted to know more about: 

  • How the outdoor spaces and landscape design will be maintained
  • How rubbish and pests will be avoided in the new outdoor spaces
  • Servicing and Maintenance of the new homes
  • What types of trees will be planted in the new squares and courtyards

Talking about wildlife and animals found on the estate, we heard from some residents that there have been regular sightings of woodpeckers, sparrow hawks and other unique birds and we hope to collect more stories about these for the Knight's Walk Memory Archive at No.15.

At the KWGREP meeting it was discussed that all of the topics which are queried by residents will be put up on the board at No.15 Knight's Walk and they will be added to agendas of future meetings in the upcoming months. 

Site Investigations at Knight's Walk

The Development Management Team also discussed the upcoming Site Investigations which will be starting on Knight’s Walk after the 19th January. These works are to test the ground conditions in and around the areas where new buildings are going to be built and should take approximately 2-3 weeks. For more information on precisely where these works will be done you can find the information sheet here.

All of this information will also be presented at the Public Exhibition on 24th January at No.15 Knight's Walk, RSVP here.