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Knights Walk KWGREP February Meeting

Earlier this month the Development Management Team shared their updated design work for Knight's Walk. 

On the 2nd of February we held a drop in design session to give residents a chance to speak to the Development Management team in more detail about the developing design layouts of the new homes on Knight’s Walk.

We showed images of the working designs of internal home layouts and compared these with existing sizes of Knight’s Walk bungalows and standards for Homes for Lambeth and the Greater London Authority. These were also then presented by Doug from Mae at the KWGREP meeting.

You can see the hand out showing the interior designs here.

Overall everyone was happy with the sizing and proportions of the interior spaces of the new homes, in particular how these compared with existing homes and having more spacious bedrooms and living rooms that face a private balcony and Knight’s Walk.

The key things that people liked:

  • The increase in the size of the spaces, in particular bedrooms and living rooms
  • The comparison between the sizes of the new homes with current homes on Knight’s Walk showing that the new homes will be larger overall
  • The size of a 1 bed flat and seeing the scale of the spaces on the model (you can see a three dimensional model at No.15)
  • Considering a central location for the windows to allow for easy positioning of curtains
  • Wide doors of 820mm, which is wider that the doors in the existing bungalows.

The key things that people had queries about:

  • Whether south facing windows could be bigger to let more light in
  • The spaces and corridors between some of the rooms could be shorter
  • Where will people be able to hang washing to dry
  • Is the kitchen large enough to sit in
  • Options for materials, in particular concrete vs brick
  • Separating toilets from the bathroom
  • How the bathroom is going to be ventilated
  • Size and positioning of the windows for ease of curtain hanging
  • Ensuring a larger entrance space

All of this information and previous updates from meetings can be found at No.15 Knight’s Walk and Nataly from make:good will be there to talk through any queries every Thursday at Coffee and Cake from 3-5pm.