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Knights Walk: Introducing the Independent Residents Advisor

The Council wants to support residents (Homeowners and Council Tenants) with support and advice throughout the regeneration process. That is why the Council is providing resident selected Independent Resident Advisors (IRAs). Below is an introduction from the two IRAs for Knights Walk.


What are your names?


Ron Houston Loraine Ophelia from PPCR 

Where are you working with residents?

Knights Walk

What do you see as the role of the IRA?
PPCR will provide support at group and 1:1 levels, to help all residents engage at a local level that suits them. We will also work to help achieve common ground with Lambeth Council, so that Knights Walk regeneration is a success – developing homes and a place to live that residents want. Keys elements of successful housing regeneration are to assist and support local residents to develop a ‘vision’ for the area.

PPCR will work with residents and Lambeth Council to set up a Resident Engagement Panel which will be used to formally engage with the Council as a Sounding Board for ideas. The next step is the Council consultation process on the options for the area. This will be key for deciding what happens next. PPCR will assist by setting out the resident’s baseline and hopes, getting answers to the key concerns and priorities of tenants and freeholders.

What sort of questions have the residents been asking you?
Residents haven’t been in touch yet.

How can residents get in touch with you?

T: 0207 407 7452 Freephone (for landlines): 0800 317 066

E: [email protected]