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Knights Walk Estate Walkabout

Residents of Knight's Walk generously gave their time to show Catherine, George, Des, Doug and Ned from the Development Management Team around their estate yesterday. 

What started as a very wet and gloomy day cleared up and we were blessed with a lovely sunny evening for our stroll about the estate.

George was drawing away as residents talked about the spaces in and around their homes and we will collect together all these thoughts to share at the next Resident Engagement Panel Meeting and in the next newsletter.  It was interesting to hear about different routes that people walk through depending upon if they perceive them as safe and we talked about how the open spaces have different lives as the people on the estate change and families grow up.

As well as the public spaces on the estate Michael showed us the communal garden which he lovingly tends to and is a colourful oasis admired by all. 


Des, Landscape Architect, particularly valued being able to understand what residents think about the open spaces on the estate, how they work at the moment and how they could be improved for residents, neighbours and people who pass through the estate.

We look forward to continuing these conversations with residents at the next Resident Engagement Panel Design Meeting on the 4th July. RSVP here.

We also know that open spaces and routes through the estate are very important to wider stakeholders and we will be discussing this at the Stakeholders and Neighbours Meeting on the 21st July. RSVP here.