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Knight's Walk Study Visit

Last week we took a group of Knight’s Walk residents on another study visit to look at the interior of a new home.

Things residents liked about the home we saw were:

  • Standard of workmanship was very good. Standard of the contractors from Lambeth that fix things at the moment is not very high and residents want to make sure their new homes will be built to a very high standard.
  • The nice layout and nice spaces in the new home
  • The size of the kitchen and the space to sit around a table
  • The amount of windows and glazing in the kitchen was good
  • There was a very good amount of storage but residents wanted to know there would be fitted furniture in the bedroom
  • The spacious toilet and bathroom
  • Is the bedroom going to be the same size as the living room? 
  • Everyone was happy with the size of the bedroom
  • Residents really liked the brick work on the outside and thought it could go really well with the existing bungalows

Things residents wanted clarification on were:

  • Will there be anywhere to dry clothes?
  • What exactly will be the size of the new homes on Knight’s Walk

If you want to see pictures of the homes that we have seen on our study trips please come to our REP Meeting on 9th January 2017. RSVP here.