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Knight's Walk REP Meeting

Over the last week the Development Management Team have been sharing their recent design work for Knight's Walk. 

The designs are very much work in progress but provided a useful opportunity to show how the team have responded to the Residents' Brief.

Whilst the images are best seen at a larger scale we prepared a handout for people to take away with them which you can see here

An overall plan of the new homes was presented which showed how the proposed buildings step back away from the retained bungalows and how new 'squares' will be introduced as green spaces along the walk. This approach also allows Knight's Walk to be as wide as possible and keep an open, village feel with an opportunity for residents to meet. Ideas for planting were shared to soften the space and respond to points in the residents' brief about ensuring that there is planting and greenery, in particular around the entrances. 



This image shows a view along Knight's Walk from Kempsford Road with planting around the edges and a wall along the entrance that includes seating and signage. Some residents were concerned that increased seating might encourage anti social behaviour.



This image focuses on the 'heart' of the Knight's walk where the three entrance points come together in a central square. The Resident's Brief refers to making sure the new buildings feel part of Knight's Walk and not something separate. A community room was requested by residents and this could sit on the corner of this space at the edge of a new central square.



These images show how the team have begun to think about materials and how they respond to the retained bungalows. The team have been thinking about having the first floor in a material, or shade of material, that responds to the bungalows. No materials have been decided on yet but these images are starting to show that there would be a difference between ground floor and the floors above.  The image on the right shows the idea of having a double height opening from Knight's Walk through to the resident's courtyard beyond, this is similar to some examples that we saw on our study trip in July.

This image aims to respond to the Residents' Brief priority of ensuring Knight's Walk feels as pedestrian focussed as possible. Planting and stepping back the buildings has been used to create a less direct route through the space which is intended to make a lovely walking environment as well as deterring motorcyclists from using the route.


The images and design ideas which were shared will be on display at the upcoming public exhibition on 15th November 2016 in No.15 Knight's Walk. RSVP here. We hope that many of you will be able to join us and provide feedback on the emerging designs.