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Knight's Walk REP 5th September Meeting

Yesterday we had another productive resident engagement panel meeting for Knight's Walk Estate. 

At this meeting we talked about the draft Residents' Brief, a summary of Site Survey Information and the intention to have an estate base at No. 15 Knight's Walk.

Draft Residents' Brief

Having distributed the draft Residents' Brief at the last meeting (also available online here) and inside the last newsletter we asked the REP to provide any additional feedback to this key document. The intention is that we use this document to test design development, see whether the designs meet with resident priorities and if there are areas where they do not meet the priorities explain why not.

A key area of discussion was to ensure that there is clarity over the hierarchy for pedestrians and bicycles. People want the walking area to feel safe for pedestrians and therefore the design of the open space needs to make it clear where people can cycle. It is really important that the design discourages motorcycles from using the pedestrian walkway.

It was also noted that it is important to consider electrical and gas services to the estate as a whole and not just the new homes.

People can still send feedback through to us by e-mail on [email protected], by phone on 0800 0720 265 or drop them into the Area Housing Office on Kennington Lane for us to collect.

Initial Site Survey Information

Spencer McGrawley and Alice Hoy attended from Campbell Reith Engineers to share initial site survey information with residents. The information shared can be viewed here.

The topics covered were:

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • Light Pollution Report
  • Arboricultural/ Tree Survey
  • London Underground Survey
  • Energy and Sustainability Report
  • Archaeology and Heritage
  • Electrical Substation Survey

We related this survey information back to the Draft Residents' Brief and where survey and policy requirements were aligning.

It should be noted that the number of years on the categories of the trees refers to the life expectancy of the trees not the age of the trees themselves. More information about the Categories of trees on Knight's Walk can be found on the summary sheet here.

No. 15 Knight's Walk

We want to start making it easier for residents, and stakeholders, to come and talk to us about the project and therefore from the end of September we will be having a weekly presence in No. 15 Knight's Walk.

There have been many opportunities for residents to get involved and give their input on the Knight's Walk partial redevelopment, however most of these are quite formal, meeting settings. At No.15 we want to create a more informal space where everyone is welcome to come and chat, ask questions and share their ideas.

Every month there will be a range of activities, exhibitions and coffee and cake afternoons for residents to join in.

We will be aiming to open the space on the 27th September and will be inviting residents and stakeholders along to come and talk to us about the survey and briefing work that has been done over the last few months before the team start the detailed design process. 

You can RSVP to this event here