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Knight's Walk Public Exhibition July 2017

Last week we held the final pre-planning public exhibition for the partial redevelopment of Knight's Walk.

38 Residents and Stakeholders came to the public exhibition last Wednesday evening with some familiar faces and also some people we had not met before. This was our last public event before a planning application is submitted therefore it was an important moment to provide feedback.

We do understand that there is still concern about the need for any development, however feedback was generally positive with people commenting on a real improvement from previous exhibitions, in particular around the landscaping and materiality of the building. There were many comments about the new buildings keeping the quiet feel of Knight's Walk with a pleasant, tree lined pedestrian route.

You can see the boards from the exhibition through the links here:
Introduction Boards and Information on Planning:
Architecture Update:
Landscape Update: 
Services and Routes:
Residents' Brief:


The main feedback we received included:
Trees and Planting
There were a lot of positive comments about the specific trees, the hedges and the grasses and many people were supportive of the communal garden for the North Block and the way the space around the car parking has been designed.


Overall people were pleased that the new paving will extend up to Kempsford Road and were happy with the proposed colours and sizing, saying that this would mean they are less likely to crack and it will be safer to walk through.
People were happy to see the brick colours proposed for the building and that the ground floor colour relates to the existing bungalows.
Bins and Waste
People were supportive of the bins being relocated and having a secure door and there were some queries about how bins and refuse would be managed during the construction.
Cycle parking
Neighbours and stakeholders were happy to see the cycle parking inside the buildings and moved out of the communal green spaces.
People liked that all homes would have good sized balconies and spaces in front of the ground floor homes for planting. People were happy that the balconies were facing Knight's Walk as this will help make the area feel more secure in terms of overlooking the public spaces.
Overall people were happy to see that the shading and sunlight effects of the new buildings worked quite well for the existing bungalows and provided a lot of sunshine to the new homes.
Planning Application and what happens next:
A detailed planning application will be submitted to Lambeth Planning Department in August 2017. Once the application is validated by the Planning Department, the statutory process of consultation of 28 days starts. All of the application material will be available online, at the Council's offices and at No.15 Knight's Walk. A public event will also be held during this period.