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Knight's Walk Public Drop In

A huge thank you to the 46 residents, neighbours and stakeholders who attended the Knight's Walk Public Drop In this week read more about what was shared below.


We received lots of positive comments about the way the designs are progressing and important feedback to help further improve the proposals.

As always, the starting point for the design development is Scenario 2D as approved by cabinet in November 2015. A reminder board was presented and can be viewed here.

Between June - September the Development Management Team worked with residents to develop their brief and priorities for the project. Part of this process was a study trip so we shared images from these visits and asked people to tell us what they did or did not like about them. View the boards here and please feel free to e-mail or phone to share your thoughts with us.

We presented the residents' brief which is an evolving document that can be used to assess if the design work meets Residents' priorities and where not, identifies why this is. Some of the feedback from our public event in July influenced this brief.

Images from a recent archive visit were also shared as one of the item in the brief is to reflect and reference some history of the site.

Alongside producing the brief, a range of site surveys have been undertaken as this will impact on how design can progress. A summary of these was presented and can be viewed here.

All of this background information and feedback from local people was used by Mae, the architects, and Dally Henderson, the landscape architects, to develop initial design concepts. These were presented alongside a model and the team were on hand to answer questions. You can view the boards presented here.

Positive comments from Residents included:

  • The quiet route through Knight’s Walk appearing open and spacious
  • The greenery around entrances and the squares offering private outdoor spaces and seating
  • The lower height in the centre of Knight’s Walk getting taller towards Kennington lane
  • The double height entrances to the new buildings and ground floor reflecting the colour of the bungalows

Some Residents were concerned about:

  • Maintenance of the communal planting areas and management of litter and refuse
  • Outdoor seating inviting anti-social behaviour
  •  Possible overlooking from the new buildings into existing gardens and having too much glass.
  • The effect of car parking on the pedestrian nature of the Walk
  • Motorcycles using Knight’s walk as a cut through

Positive comments from Stakeholders included:

  • Focusing the highest volume of the building towards Kennington Lane
  • Creating a quiet, green route through Knight’s Walk

Some Stakeholders were concerned about:

  • The new homes being rented on a car free basis and how this will impact the surrounding streets
  • How the new planting will be maintained
  • Potential overlooking from the new homes

All the feedback collected will be processed and shared with the design team. This will help shape how the design develops wherever possible. Where feedback can't be incorporated we will be clear as to why not.

We have at least two further public events planned prior to Lambeth submitting a planning application.

Tuesday 24th January 5.30 - 8.30 pm RSVP here

Tuesday 7th March 5.30 - 8.30 pm RSVP here

If you have comments and feedback on the work presented you can e-mail [email protected] or phone 0800 0720 265