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Knight's Walk Newsletter #4: Public Drop in, Study Trip & REP Meeting

The fourth newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Knight's Walk and is available to read here.



The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #4 for Knight's Walk and you can read it here.

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Coming up in August / September

Initial Demolition Notices

The residents of the 18 homes directly affected by the redevelopment should have received an initial demolition notice and detailed information on what this will mean for them. Sending this is a legal requirement but doesn’t mean works are about start. Demolition of homes is unlikely to begin before 2019.

Please contact Lesley or Paul for more information about this: Call: 020 7926 0385 Email: [email protected]

If you would like independent advice on how this may affect you, please contact PPCR to find out more or to arrange a home visit: Call: 0207 407 7452  |  0800 317 066 | Email: [email protected]

Noise & Vibrations Surveys

In the coming weeks there will be a 24 hour noise survey to find out how noisy the estate is at the moment. The surveyor(s) will be on site during the night and will have a security presence with them. Paul Gordon will call to tell you the exact date. Please note that no one will require entry into your homes.

Drop-in at Number 15 | Coming Soon

We are planning to set up a more informal space to meet on Knight’s Walk where everyone is welcome to come and chat, ask questions, share their priorities and find out more.

Look out for more updates on this soon.


Public Drop-in session | 21.07.2016

31 residents and local stakeholders attended our public drop-in session to give their insight on three different themes which will influence the design of the public and open space around Knight’s Walk. Here’s what happened and what we learnt: 


The area, routes and movement 

We wanted to understand the key walking and cycling routes that people are taking through Knight’s Walk and how people use and perceive the area. We learnt that:

  • Key public routes are Knight’s Walk and Kempsford Road;
  • People want to keep the quiet walking & cycling routes;
  • People value the existing open green space and planting;
  • People felt a crossing on Kennington Lane would improve safety;
  • Some people felt the alleyway by Section House is unsafe.

Types and qualities of open space


We shared examples of open spaces and asked people what they liked or disliked about them in order to help us to identify the qualities that they thought would work for Knight’s Walk.

People liked:

  • Use of planting to mark entrances;
  • Clear routes through for the public;
  • Well maintained greenery provides ‘breathing space’ in the city;
  • Friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

People disliked: 

  • Needless visual clutter;
  • Gravel or loose surfaces;
  • ‘Clinical’ or ‘rigid’ spaces;
  • Public benches which can attract anti-social behaviour.

Height and Size of New Buildings


Using foam blocks to look at heights, size and positioning we wanted people to test and comment on different ways of arranging the new homes on Knight’s Walk. Suggestions that were made:

  • Keep heights lower towards the centre of Knight’s Walk and higher at Kennington Lane;
  • Step back the building height from Knight’s Walk to help the new buildings sit more comfortably next to the existing bungalows;
  • Lower buildings towards Kempsford Road in relation to the
  • remaining bungalows and surrounding buildings.


Study trip | 25.07.16

We took some residents to look at two recently built estates near to Knight’s Walk to talk about what elements of these designs could work for the new public and communal spaces.


Aylesbury estate: We wound our way through the 6 buildings, crossing private courtyards where residents liked the large balconies but had concerns about overlooking. The corridors were very bright and cool with nice indoor planting. Everyone liked the overall design and thought it was very quiet and green, especially around the entrances.


Trafalgar place: From the first step onto the main walking route, it seemed that everyone really liked the feel of this neighbourhood. People said it felt much more open and the pedestrian path between the two buildings reminded residents of Knight’s Walk but with a greener, more spacious feel. Everyone liked the quiet entrances and walkways on the border of the estate which felt private and non-intrusive.


Resident Engagement Panel: Feedback on the Draft Residents’ Brief | 01.08.16


After gathering all of your comments and feedback from the public drop-ins, study trips and events in the past months, the Development Management Team had the opportunity to present and discuss the first draft of the Knight’s Walk Residents’ Brief with the KWGREP. This is a key document that residents will continue to develop and refer to throughout the process.

All residents should have received a copy of the Draft Residents’ Brief, with small changes which came out of the Resident Engagement Panel meeting, to read and comment on. If residents can write comments on the brief and give it to the Area Housing Office, on Kennington Lane or contact make:good and we will collect it. Call - 0800 0720 265

You can also read the Draft Residents’ Brief here and let us know if you have any comments or feedback. 


Your Independent Advisors

The Council wants to ensure that residents have independent support and advice throughout the regeneration process.

Ron, Loraine, Pamela and Abraham are selected resident independent advisers from PPCR who will continue to provide support at group and 1:1 levels, to help all residents engage at a level that suits them. Residents directly affected by the redevelopment of their homes recently attended meetings to discuss general concerns with the Demolition Notices. If you were unable to attend, please contact PPCR for updates. PPCR will be holding further briefing sessions with the KWGREP. Please get in touch to find out more: Telephone: 0207 407 7452  |  Free phone: 0800 317 066  |  Email: [email protected]


Next Resident Engagement Panel Meeting

The next Resident Engagement Panel Meeting will be on the 5th of September 2016 at 6pm at Pedlar's Acre Hall, you can RSVP here.