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Knight's Walk Newsletter #9

The ninth newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Knight's Walk and is available to read here.  

The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #9 for Knight's Walk you can read it here.

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What's happening on Knight's Walk


Coming up in January 2017


Architecture and Landscape Update

This month the development management team have been exploring design options for materials and how the buildings and spaces on Knight’s Walk will look like from the outside. Please see the map with images and number references below. 


Des from Dally Henderson has been identifying paving options for entrances (img 3), main walkways (img 4) and vehicle areas (img 1) and also introducing the idea of different landscaped zones in the communal garden which include areas for play, relaxing and gardening (img 5). Located on the map of Knight’s Walk are some ideas for the facade of the building. Mae Architects are exploring the use of different bricks (img 8+9) and defining the ground floor of the new buildings to match the bungalows (img 6) by changing the colour and tone of the materials on the upper floors. The development management team have also been looking at how the building on the side of Renfrew Road might look slightly different to be more in line with the style of the nearby buildings and Section House (img 2).


As per the Residents’ Brief, the Development management
along Knight’s Walk with different characters and to define the Walk. One of these squares will be at the heart of Knight’s Walk and be adjacent to the new Community Space, located on the map, which will be big enough for 12 people to meet. 

January Resident Meetings and Public Exhibition 

This month we showed some of the developing designs and ideas for landscape and materials to residents, neighbours and stakeholders of Knight’s Walk. People had the opportunity to meet the Development Management Team and provide feedback and comments about the designs.


Key things that people liked:

  • The brick facade is bright and blends in well with the surrounding area
  • The new square in the heart of Knight’s Walk with the community space 
  • Lovely routes through Knight’s Walk and new defined entrances
  • The height compared to the bungalows is better than expected
  • The material change on the ground floor to match the bungalows
  • The balconies and the brick are lovely and give a residential feel
  • The communal gardens and green squares
  • The way that the buildings step back from the bungalows

Things that residents were concerned and wanted to know more about:

  • How the outdoor spaces and landscape design will be maintained 
  • How rubbish and pests will be avoided in the new outdoor spaces 
  • What types of trees will be planted
  • The construction process and what roads will be affected
  • The effects of new routes and parking around Dryden court and access to the new homes for deliveries etc. 
  • Sunlight impact on the neighbouring buildings

The next public exhibition will be in April 2017 and we will be showing developments of the designs according to your feedback and the Residents’ Brief priorities. 

Indicative Timeline Update

Please note that there have been some alterations to the indicative project time- line. The date for submitting a planning application for Knight’s walk has moved from Spring to the Summer of 2017 in order to provide more time to discuss the details of the design development with residents and have the opportunity to gather comments and feedback. 


Coffee and Cake|Every Thursday 3.00-5.00pm | No. 15 Knight’s Walk

Earlier this month we started our weekly sessions in No.15. Following discussion with residents, the time has been changed to every Thursday 3-5pm. Residents are welcome to drop in to ask questions, see the design work and contribute to the Memory Archive. Council Drop ins will also be held at this time by appointment with Lesley and Paul.

Your Independent Advisors

The Council wants to ensure that residents have access to independent support and advice throughout the regeneration process.
Please get in touch to find out more: Telephone: 0207 407 7452 | 0800 317 066 | Email: [email protected]

Key Guarantees Update

Consultation outcomes on Lambeth’s Key Guarantees, due in Jan 2017, have been delayed. The report will incorporate Lambeth’s responses to comments that have been submitted. Following its publi- cation, further feedback will be possible. Residents will have 5 working days to apply to make representations in person at the cabinet meeting before the cabinet members make their final decision. We will let you know when they are available.

Site Investigations | Starting January 2017

Site investigations commenced on Knight’s Walk last week. The working hours have been agreed as 8am-4pm and the information sheet circulated at the beginning of January sets out the type of noise you can expect. There will be no parking suspen- sions in the area but you will see some machinery and work areas fenced off around the estate.

If you have any questions please contact us on 0800 0720 265.

Timetable of Activities