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Knight's Walk Newsletter #8

The eighth newsletter by the Development Management Team has been produced for Knight's Walk and is available to read here.  

The Development Management Team has been produced newsletter #8 for Knight's Walk you can read it here.

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What's happening on Knight’s Walk:

In order to provide more and better homes in the area, Lambeth are planning to redevelop part of Knight’s Walk. Because we want to produce a design which you, the residents, are happy with, we will be doing all we can to ensure that you are: informed about what is happening, involved in the process, so that you can; influence what happens next.  

Coming up in January 2017


Pre REP Drop In Session 5th January 2017

This session will allow people to see updated design information. Doug McIntosh from Mae Architects and Des Dally from Dally Henderson Landscape Architects with be there to talk to residents in detail about the work. 

REP Meeting 9th January 2017

This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team including a design update about materials and how the buildings might look from the outside.These will also be shared at the Pre-REP drop in session.RSVP here

Coffee & Cake in No. 15

Every Thursday, from January 2017, Catherine and Nataly from the Resident Engagement Team will be holding weekly drop in sessions in No.15. Pop by for a cuppa and find out more about the design work.

Public Drop In Exhibition 24th January 2017

At this exhibition you will be able to see draft plans showing the internal layout of the new homes on Knight’s Walk. There will also be updates on the materials and how the buildings will look like from the outside. RSVP here

Design Update

In early December, Mae architects presented design developments of the interior layouts of the new buildings on Knight’s Walk, responding to priorities from the Residents’ Brief.

Image ‘A’ shows the new buildings working together to feel a part of Knight’s Walk and highlights the location of the London Underground line running underneath. Residents liked the individual balconies and had some questions regarding sunlight to these and the communal gardens.

Images B1 and B2 show working designs of the ground and second floors of the Northern Block. People liked the layout of the 1-bed flats and felt that they created nice spaces. In particular residents liked that the living rooms, bedrooms and balconies were facing Knight’s Walk and had some questions about the size of windows and what the lift and staircase area would look like from the outside.

Design development of the materials and the outside of the new buildings will be discussed in January.

Your Heating & Energy Questions Answered

At the November Public Drop in, residents raised questions about heat and energy. Full copies of the answers are available in No.15 Knights Walk, on the estate regeneration website or call 0800 0720 265 to get a copy.

Following the December REP meeting we are aware that residents want more detailed information on how the change to individual meters for heating and hot water use would impact on the cost of rent and service charge for tenants. Lambeth are still working through how this will be calculated but we will revisit this topic in January and at future REPs as more information is available.

Will there be a centralised heating system and is this safe?

It is likely that there will be a centralised heating system for the new homes however the risks of having all the machines in a central location are no greater than if they were in individual homes.

There is always a very small risk of failure with all heating systems. These would be designed to ensure that they can continue to operate during periods of servicing or repair.

How does a centralised heating system and an energy centre work for me as an individual?

The centralised heating system is likely to be located in one location on the site. It will include all the machinery and plant needed to create heat for resident’s homes and hot water. For residents, this means that there is only one set of machinery to be serviced and repaired and gas can be purchased in bulk which is cheaper and more efficient.

Will appliances be provided in the new homes?

It is unlikely that appliances will be provided by Lambeth but this will be confirmed when the energy strategy is completed. Residents will be able to buy new appliances using their disturbance allowance. The Disturbance Allowance is intended to cover the cost of items that residents need to replace in their new homes.

Will I pay more for my energy?

The cost of energy will be dependent upon the type of system that is used and how efficient it is. The new homes will be highly energy efficient and therefore residents would not  need to use their heating as  much to keep their homes warm.

Are we going to have gas and electric?

The Council have decided, due to the complexity, cost and risk of having gas in new homes, as well as the cost to residents of annual gas checks, that they are unlikely to supply gas to each of the new homes. It is also worth noting that not supplying gas to each separate home will reduce service charge costs.

What sort of cooker will I be able to have?

Due to the reasons described above, gas is unlikely to be an option and therefore it is likely that all cookers will be electric.

Will I pay more for my energy?

The cost of energy will be dependent upon the type of system that is used and how efficient it is. The new homes will be highly energy efficient and therefore residents would not need to use their heating as  much to keep their homes warm.

Will I have a boiler in my new home?

It is unlikely that there will be individual boilers in homes as government legislation favours a centralised system. The heating system would be connected to individual units through a ‘Heat Interface Unit’ in each home. This will have a thermostat and controls so that residents can control how much heat they use and when it comes on.

Will the controls for my heating be complicated?

Each of the dwellings will be provided with their own Heat Interface Unit (HIU) which behaves just like a combination boiler.

What type of radiators will we have? Will they be easy to clean?

It is likely the radiators will be a conventional steel panel type radiator, which can be wiped clean.

Key Guarantees Update

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the Key Guarantees consultation. At the moment all of the feedback is being reviewed and the next step is for a set of papers to be published with the proposed guarantees and the result of the consultation. These papers should be taken to the Council Cabinet for approval on the 16th January 2017.

Site Investigation Starting in January 2017

Site Investigations are likely to be carried out on Knight’s Walk in January 2017.

These investigations are necessary to test and check the ground conditions in and around the areas where new buildings are going to be built. Some of these works are likely to have some noise and access implications on Knights Walk and for this reason we will make sure to share with residents a full explanation of what investigations are expected to happen on the site, when, where and who it will affect with at least 2 weeks notice prior to the start of the investigations.


Timetable of Activities

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