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Knight's Walk Newsletter 24

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 24 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 24 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this Issue:


Coming up in June 2018


Join Nataly and the make:good team every Thursday afternoon for sessions at No.15. Please note there will be no coffee and cake on the 31st May. The first will be on 7th June. 


This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team including information about the Local Lettings Policy and a design update on the internal layout of the new homes in Phase 1.


Pop by every other Wednesday afternoon to talk to Lambeth officers about any questions or concerns you may have.  Please note this will be fortnightly. More information inside this newsletter.


This month’s cooking demonstration will focus on the wonderful herbs growing in the garden and simple recipes that can conserve them for your kitchen.


Lambeth Update – Local Lettings Policy

Local Lettings Plan and how the new homes will be let by Homes for Lambeth were discussed briefly at this month’s resident meeting. This topic will be discussed further at next month’s resident meeting on the 11th June. It is important to note that the Local Lettings Plan would not impact existing residents being re-housed on Knight’s Walk but relates to neighbours of Knight’s Walk.

Q: What is a Local Lettings Plan or Policy?

A Local Lettings Plan or policy is established where there might be good reasons to let properties not strictly according to housing need. Lambeth’s Housing Allocations Scheme states that “The Council may from time to time agree to a proportion of properties being let through Local Lettings Policies approved by the Strategic Director for Delivery. For example, the Council may set aside properties to offer short-term housing linked to employment and training, etc.”

In order to let properties via a Local Lettings Policy, a case has to be made by the provider and this case must be approved by the Strategic Director and also by the Council’s Cabinet committee.

If you have any questions or comments about this please send them to Keith Richmond [email protected] ahead of the next REP meeting on the 11th June where this topic will be revisited.

Council Regeneration Resident's Drop–in

In addition to make:good focusing Thursday’s Coffee & Cake sessions on working towards the new community space, programming of events and exploring skills, interests and services in the local area, Lambeth will be scheduling a regular drop in sessions for residents to talk about the regeneration.

Keith Richmond will be starting up fortnightly Council Drop-in sessions on Wednesday afternoons at No.15 Knight’s Walk from 3:30 - 6:30pm and this will commence on 13th June. In addition, from July 2018, every other week Paul Gordon,from the Rehousing and Decant team, will be on hand to help deal with your rehousing questions about moving home and anything to do with Home-loss and/or Disturbance Payments.


Marble Pot Decorating at No.15

As part of our conversations about small scale gardening earlier this month resident received a pot of their own to take care of. Before planting a chosen herb we decorated the terracota pots with a marbling technique using two colours of nail varnish and bucket of water. Everyone got involved, selecting two colours and using a stick to  swirl a pattern before lowering the terracota pots to be painted. The result was an array of colourful unique marbled patterns to decorate our example balcony. A big thank you to one of the Knight’s Walk neighbours for donating some lovely pots of different shapes and sizes for the garden! Come along to No.15 on Thursday afternoons to see how our example Balcony is taking shape!


Planning Decision – Next Steps

Following the planning committee decision on 20th March 2018 the Development Management Team (DMT) have been working with the local planning authority to finalise the S106 Agreement, the legal agreement that secures the affordable housing, training, employment and other contributions.  This document will be completed once Homes for Lambeth takes a lease on the land later this year. HfL will be the developer and the company delivering the S106 Agreement. 

The Development Management Team have also commenced further design work as part of developing the approved planning designs in more detail so that HfL can be confident of securing an accurate price and high quality construction when it asks contractors to price the work.

We currently expect to go out to tender for the construction works in September with a planned target to start works on the North Block site in February 2019. 


Landscape Design Update

At the Knight’s Walk REP meeting earlier this week Des from Dally Henderson Landscape Architects brought along plans and gave a presentation on the proposed landscaping for the Phase 1 development on Knight’s Walk. This included showing samples of the stones to be used for the paving, an overview of the gardens and other green spaces as well as discussion about the resident parking bays and cycle parking. Des presented example images of street furniture and seating to go in these areas which are proposed to be modern style metal frames with treated wooden seats.

Des presented proposals for the types of low maintenance trees to be planted, for example the spreading Amelanchier Lamarkii in the gardens and smaller more orderly varieties such as Prunus Avium ‘Plena on the walkways and nearer to buildings. Images of these and examples of grasses, hedges and shrubs are available at No.15 Knight’s Walk.


Indicative Timeline



Timetable June 2018



Housing Needs Assessment Update

Lambeth have been carrying out a Housing Needs Assessment for those residents who are to move as part of the redevelopment of Knight’s Walk. This is to ensure that all those affected will benefit from the “Key Guarantees” whether they are remaining on the estate or moving away and involves taking into account the needs of all residents in the affected homes.

Some of the questions we ask are about residents’ health and medical conditions in order to ensure that where there may be a need for a particular type o r adaptation to a property these are installed prior to moving in.

All Tenants should have received a letter about booking a home visit. If you have not yet completed this assessment please contact Keith Richmond to book an appointment on: 020 792 62762 or 07720 829083, or email [email protected]. If you prefer not to meet in your home it can be done at 15 Knight’s Walk.