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Knight's Walk Newsletter 22

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 22 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.


The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 22 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:

Coming Up in March/April


Join Nataly and the make:good team every Thursday afternoon for sessions at No.15. RSVP here.


Join Hana, a neighbour of Knight’s Walk, who is an author of short stories and children’s books for a coffee and cake session about how to write a short story. Let us know you’re coming by calling 0800 072 0265 or RSVP here..


This meeting will include updates from Lambeth and the Development Management Team including an update about the Planning Application, next steps and the Equality Impact Assessment Report. RSVP here.

Come along to a special Coffee and Cake at No.15 where we will be joined by Katy, a wildlife specialist, and find out about Wildlife and Birds on Knight’s Walk. RSVP here.


Planning Application Update

On the 20th March Lambeth’s Planning Application Committee resolved to grant full planning permission, subject to the signing of a legal agreement, for 84 new homes on Knight’s Walk Estate across two sites; Phase 1, on the site of existing garages and Phase 2 along the east side of Knight’s Walk next to Section House.

Of the 84 new homes:

  • 25 will be one-bedroomed homes which will be up to 27% larger than current homes
  • 41 homes will be two-bedroomed homes
  • 18 homes will be three-bedroomed homes which will be up to 30% larger than existing homes


Key Facts
All existing residents will get a new home
All 14 remaining secure tenants on Knight’s Walk will get a new home at council level rent which meets their needs, based on a detailed assessment of their situation. 

Homes for people waiting on the council housing lists
In addition to the 14 existing residents that will be reprovided with new council level rented homes, the proposed development delivers a further 25 affordable homes, including 13 homes for people on the housing waiting list.

Balanced communities
In line with the council’s commitment to build ‘mixed and balanced’ communities, a proportion of the new homes will be intermediate homes for rent. These homes will provide housing options for those Lambeth residents that don’t qualify for social housing but are priced out of the private sector.

New Private Homes
The new affordable homes are funded by Homes for Lambeth building new private homes on site. Knights Walk includes up to 45 private homes which will help pay for new affordable homes. 

Cllr Paul McGlone, Deputy Leader of Lambeth Council said:
“I’m pleased that planning permission has been given for the rebuilding of the Knight’s Walk Estate, providing a new home for every council tenant and additional council rent homes for local families as part of our commitment to tackling Lambeth’s housing crisis. We are delivering on our guarantees to existing tenants and resident leaseholders across Lambeth to provide them with a brand new home built to the highest standard on their estate – and the overall scheme will provide more genuinely affordable homes for local people.”


Upcoming meeting topics and discussions

In the next Resident Meeting on the 9th April we will be presenting the plan of topics coming up and updates that Lambeth Council will be providing in the coming months.

Topics for upcoming REP Meetings

  • Updated Project Timeline
  • RIBA Stage 3b Design Development
  • Interiors and design of homes
  • Community Hub
  • Contractor Procurement
  • Local Lettings Plan
  • Construction Management Plan

If you have any topics or questions that you would like raised at future resident meetings please contact Keith Richmond on 020 792 62762 or email [email protected]


Equalities Impact Assessment Report and Action Plan

A report has been published this month following the Equalities Impact Assessment carried out by Ottaway in September 2016.

Approved by Lambeth’s Equalities Board, there is a specific report and action plan for each Lambeth Estate and this report applies to everyone affected by the development on Knight’s Walk. A key output of this report is an Action Plan which will be a living document, regularly reviewed and which the Council will build in to future decisions.

The Equalities Impact Assessment Report is available online at estateregeneration.lambeth.gov.uk/draft_equality_impact_assessments or as a hard copy at No.15 Knight’s Walk. The EQIA report and and action plan will be on the Agenda for the KWGRA/REP Meeting on the 9th April 2018.

If you have any questions ahead of the meeting or would like a hard copy delivered to your home please call 0800 0720 265.

Planning application update

At April’s Residents’ meeting there will be an update about the development on Knight’s Walk and what the next steps and expected timeline are for the project, now that a decision has been made to grant full planning permission.

Below is an indicative update on what happens next:

What happens next and timeline


Timetable for March-April


Documents and Information at No.15 Knight's Walk

All of the documents, reports, handouts and information from previous resident meetings, newsletters, design sessions and public exhibitions are available at No.15 Knight’s Walk. If you would like to read these you can either drop in on a Thursday between 3-5pm, contact Keith Richmond on 020 792 62762 or email [email protected] to request a copy to be sent to your home or arrange a visit to No.15.

Planting and Balconies at No.15

In preparation for spring and planting new things in the garden at No.15 we have been speaking with residents about balconies in their new homes and what sort of things can be easily planted and kept in these new private outdoor spaces. Talking about the size and conditions, we looked at images and created collages of dream Knight’s Walk Balconies. This spring, along side our garden planting we will be marking out an example balcony size in the garden at No.15 and populating it with different balcony plants and flowers to try out different options for this outdoor space.

Join us for gardening and conversations about balconies on Thursdays from 3-5pm at No. 15.