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Knight's Walk Newsletter 15

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 15 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.




The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 15 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:


Coming up in August September


Updated Views of Knight's Walk

At this months residents’ meeting, Mae Architects presented updated images and views of what the new buildings on Knight’s Walk might look like. The four updated views are computer generated images (CGIs) and Image A shows where they are located on Knight’s Walk. 

Overall people really liked the images, in particular the nice green areas, the scale of the new trees along Knight’s Walk, the lovely balconies and large living room windows. There were some queries about overlooking and having a more prominent entrance from Kennington lane. The design considers minimising overlooking as much as possible with the use of trees, stepping back the building and balconies having louvres. It was confirmed that the community space will be located on the corner of Kennington Lane as seen in Image 1 below, beyond the postbox. 



Draft Construction Management Plan

Residents and neighbours have previously raised queries about how the construction will be managed on Knight’s Walk. Although this will be addressed in greater detail after the planning application, we discussed the outline principles which will have to be considered by the contractors as part of their detailed construction management plan. Residents identified key priorities under the categories below and discussed having a clear way of identifying workers on the construction site and knowing who to contact if there is a problem. 

These priorities will be reflected in the draft construction management plan which will be submitted as part of the planning application. If you were unable to attend the meetings in August, you can share your priorities with us at every Thursday at No.15 or call 0800 0720265.

Traffic and Transport

  • Keep paths well lit at night time.
  • Keep paths and streets open where possible, avoiding dangerous corners. 
  • Making safe any paving stones that will be disturbed during the construction process.
  • Consider accessibility and proximity to homes when relocating the bus stop.

Noise and vibration

  • As well as working hours, consider length of time of high level noise to make this more efficient and minimise noise.
  • Balance the volume and pitch of the works where possible.
  • Suggestion of somewhere to go for a couple of hours to get away from the noise. 

Dust and air pollution

  • Keep dust from the building site contained as far as is possible. 
  • Consider window cleaning for existing homes during early construction

Site hygiene and pest control

  • Implement measures to avoid rats.

Urban ecology

  • Keep flowers and trees protected during construction.
  • Work with contractors to agree and make it clear which plants should be protected and/or moved. 

Waste disposal and recycling

  • Temporary bins to be contained. 
  • Refuse arrangements and location to be clear and well managed by the contractors.
  • The contractors to have their own area and machines to put construction waste away.
  • Consideration to be given by the contractors not just to the location of the bins but also that they are controlled, contained and accessible only to residents.
  • Finding ways to encourage people to put waste in the right place. 


Indicative Timeline 


Timetable for August-September 


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