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Knight's Walk Newsletter 13

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 13 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

The Development Management Team have published Newsletter 13 for Knight's Walk and it can be read here.

Inside this issue: 

What's happening on Knight's Walk


Coming up in June/July 2017


Architecture and Landscape Updates

Earlier in June the Development Management Team presented updates on the architecture and landscape of the new homes on Knight’s walk and the spaces in between. There were a lot of topics to cover and the descriptions below summarise key feedback from residents. If you were unable to attend the resident meetings in June, all of this information can be seen at No.15 every Thursday between 3-5pm or contact make:good directly on 0800 072 0265.


Entrances to the new buildings on Knight’s Walk, shown by the orange arrows, have been adapted to provide clearer and more legible entry points with better accessibility to Renfrew Road and Kennington Lane. All entrances are being designed to be light and airy interior spaces that are safe, comfortable and easy to maintain.

Queries were raised about vehicle stopping points on Kennington Lane and this will be addressed in the topic of ‘vehicle access’ in the July meetings.

Planting Maintenance
Low maintenance principles which have been agreed as part of the landscape strategy include:
1. Minimal planting within public areas
2. Street tree planting where feasible (example image 4)
3. Ground floor homes to have low railings onto Knight’s Walk and planting within boundary (example image 2)  

Queries were raised about the type of planting, in particular the trees and hedges. More information on specific planting will be shared in July.

External Lighting
Looking at options for external lighting, residents liked the idea of having taller street lights (image 1) in a line along Knight’s Walk and lower ground, softer lighting (image 5) around the communal garden areas, making sure these are bright enough.

Garden for north block
The team are currently considering different options for how parking and access can be arranged in front of the North Block in order to maximise green space. The design will take into account residents’ feedback about safe and easy access to the garden while trying to avoid a direct view of the cars from ground floor homes.

Cycle Parking
Options for types of cycle parking were shown and residents were keen that the shelters are nice to look at, not too industrial and queries were raised about the location being moved out of the communal green space (see example image 3).

Community space
We propose to locate the community space on Kennington Lane in order to increase the size and improve accessibility. The space will have a homely feel but will also be flexible in use for meetings etc. with features such as bespoke seating, bookshelves and an information board. Residents liked the example of the community cafe space (image 6) but noted that it’s important that the space layout is not too busy. The team will be sharing more detailed internal design developments in July.

Trees update
Following the Pre REP and KWGRA/REP meetings it is clear that retaining as many trees as possible is very important to residents. The team are therefore looking at the implications of retaining Tree T13 which is currently proposed for removal to accommodate the north block and parking provision. Additional information will be shown in the July meetings.

The current tree removal plan, as shared in February's Newsletter, is available in No.15.




Upcoming events and topics for meetings


Key Guarantees Update

In early June Lambeth published an update on the Key Guarantees. Hard copies will be sent to residents in the coming weeks and all information can be found online at: www.estateregeneration.lambeth.gov.uk/key_guarantees. Amongst the guarantees, this update clarifies that residents can move twice and disturbance payments will be made for both moves but home loss payment will be made only once. If you have any questions please contact your local estates team on the number below.   

Planters on Knight's Walk