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Improving the Key Guarantees

No one at Lambeth underestimates the potential distress that regenerating an estate could cause for current residents. To reduce this as much as possible, we are committed to keep uncertainty for residents to a minimum by giving all residents the information and support that they need to make the best choices about their and their families' futures.

As a part of this we have in place a set of 'Key Guarantees' for both tenants and homeowners.

In addition we have always been open to suggestions on how the Key Guarantees can be improved. This is one of the reasons we asked TPAS, the respected tenant engagement organisation, to review them earlier in the year. The Council has been considering the TPAS findings and is looking at other ways the Key Guarantees can be improved within the legal and financial limitations the Council works within.

The Council is also looking at the impact of new EU regulations on one of the Key Guarantees, specifically 'any resident homeowner who wishes to continue to live on their estate will have the opportunity to do so'. The Council stands by this guarantee and is currently confirming the details of an new approach of how it will be fulfilled. The Council will consult on this approach along with other ways that the Key Guarantees can be further improved before they are finalised.

You can see the TPAS review below.

You can download the report here as well.

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