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Improvements to the Key Guarantees published

The council has always understood the potential distress that regenerating an estate may cause residents. To reduce this as much as possible, we are committed to keeping uncertainty to a minimum by giving residents the information and support they need and to assure them that there will be a brand-new home made available to each resident tenant and leasehold household through regenerating an estate.

To make clear the council’s commitment on this, we published the Key Guarantees.

The Key Guarantees aim to:

  • Give certainty to residents about the estate regeneration process
  • Provide an offer to residents that reassures them that rebuilding will be as stress-free as possible and that they will have a new home to replace their current home
  • Give people the opportunity to stay on their estate and help keep communities together
  • Give people the opportunity to be involved in the regeneration process

The council has always been open to suggestions about how these Key Guarantees could be improved. That is why the council asked TPAS (a well-respected tenant engagement organisation) to review the Key Guarantees and then held a final consultation to get residents’ views.

The council has now published its response to this final consultation and you can see the details here.

A recommendation has been made to council’s cabinet to adopt these final Key Guarantees.  You can see the report to cabinet and supporting documents if you click on the links below:


If cabinet accepts these improvements, these will be adopted by the council as part of formal council policy for estate regeneration.  They will be implemented on all estates which are to be rebuilt.  Please note there are already Key Guarantees in place (as adopted in July 2015) and will remain so until the improved guarantees are adopted. 

Residents can register to speak at the cabinet meeting, however we encourage community representatives to speak on behalf of residents so that the widest possible range of views can be considered. To register, please contact the Democratic Services team before the day of the meeting, explaining what elements of the proposals you would like to speak about. This can be done by calling 020 7926 2170 or email [email protected].

The meeting will also be broadcast live on the council website and the full audio recording made available immediately after the meeting. You can listen live at the following webpage on from 5pm on 23 March: http://bit.ly/lambethcabinet

If the proposals to improve the Key Guarantees are approved at this cabinet meeting a new booklet setting out the Key Guarantees will be prepared and published and sent to all residents on each of the six estates in the estate regeneration programme.

If you have any questions about the improved guarantees please get in touch.