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Housing Need Assessments

In the next few weeks, officers from Lambeth Council will be booking appointments with all residents directly affected by the regeneration of South Lambeth Estate. 

This is so that every residents’ housing need can be assessed but also to enable the Council to better understand people’s individual circumstances and their housing aspirations (for example if they would like to remain on the estate or need a different sized property).

No one at Lambeth underestimates the potential distress that regenerating parts of the South Lambeth estate can cause for residents that live here. We do appreciate that some residents may not wish to remain on the estate and will request to move away.

However, we want to work with you to find out what your preferences are now, which will allow us to work up a range of options that encourages the existing community to stay together. Our aim is to minimise disruption and uncertainty by providing you with clear information, in order for you to make an informed decision about what would be suitable for you and your household.

There are different contacts depending on which part of the estate you live on an whether you are a tenant or leaseholder.  Please contact the relevant number to book an appointment.

  • Leaseholders in Broadstone, Osmington, Sturminster, Swanage and Verwood House: Telephone Amma Thomas 020 7926 3522
  • Residents in Wimborne House who would like to know more about the possibility of moving to a new home on the estate: Telephone Paul Gordon 020 7926 0385
  • Tenants in Broadstone, Osmington, Sturminster, Swanage and Verwood House: Telephone Jacqueline Henry 020 7926 8315