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Newsletter 24.04.15

Below is a summary of our initial proposals for each of the possible areas we are considering for new housing.


No decisions have been made about which areas will be developed and we would like to hear from more residents regarding the future of Hemans Estate. Note that in particular we are considering the suitability of either sites A or H and sites C or D. Only one site from each pair could be taken forward.

Possible sites for discussion

A : The ballpark at Darlington House (15-20 New Homes)
B : The area adjacent to Darlington House (4-6 New Homes)
C : Along the garden boundary (4-6 New Homes)
D : The disused boiler room (4-6 New Homes)
E : The ballpark at Johnson House (4 New Homes)
F : The area adjacent to Charman House (4 New Homes)
H : The disused community hall (14-18 New Homes)
J :Rooftop of Darlington & hunter house (20 New Homes)

Below are the site plans and maps for the above sites.