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Residents Views and Hemans Estate Surveys

We would like to thank everyone for sending us their views. The comments box will remain up on the community centre should you want to continue to post your suggestions.

You may have noticed there are surveys ongoing on the Hemans Estate. The purpose of these surveys is to explore resident concerns and to get a fuller picture of which sites are actually viable. Surveys are always under taken at this early stage and are critical for us to understand:

· the exact dimensions of the site (Topographical Survey)
· how an existing buildings light will be affected if a site is developed (Daylight and Sunlight Survey)
· the species and location of existing trees (Arboriculture Survey)
· the conditions below ground, such as the location of electric cables and water pipes (Utility Survey)

It is common practice to undertake all of these surveys before a site can be confirmed as a strong possibility. This information is then compiled along with residents and neighbours views and if successful only then can a site be taken forward to a design proposal stage. 

The reason for this is that it avoids wasting time progressing a site that residents may be in favour of but due to existing conditions the site is not viable. For example; there may be a set of power cables which mean that a site is unsafe to build on.
We look forward to hearing more of your views as they not only help us understand which sites residents are more in favour of but they also help us address any concerns you may have about these site proposals.